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Alyssa Milano Is Upset Conservatives Are ‘Weaponizing’ Cancel Culture because Only She Is Allowed to Do That

Alyssa Milano Is Upset Conservatives Are ‘Weaponizing’ Cancel Culture because Only She Is Allowed to Do That

If you are in the entertainment industry, my default position is to assume we vote for different people, which is totes okay. It’s how America works. It’s only a problem depending on a) how big a jerk you are about it, and b) if you sound like you hate the half of the country that disagrees with you. With that in mind, few celebrities have disappointed me more than Alyssa Milano. Because if you’re like me and grew up in the 1980s, she was your first celebrity crush. The day girls stopped being smelly was when Tony Danza opened the door and instead of Sam the tomboy, it was Samantha the smoke show.

But that was then. Now, we get silly brain farts like this.

Apparently this is in reference to a controversy over her darkening her skin for a “Jersey Shore” parody, and people on the right are claiming it’s a gotcha moment. I honestly don’t have the bandwidth to research further and if what I wrote is an accurate summary, I’d prefer it if people on the right stopped being dumb. HOWEVER, the gaslighting from the left is where I have an issue, because you can expect to see more of this. Leftists invented cancel culture. Americans are starting to push back against it. And I say Americans instead of “conservatives,” because even apolitical, middle-of-the-road people have had enough of the crap (see BARSTOOL PRESIDENT TELLS LEFTISTS WHERE TO STICK THEIR CANCEL CULTURE. IT’S THE ONLY APPROPRIATE RESPONSE. and KEVIN HART ON CANCEL CULTURE: ‘STUPIDEST S*** I’VE WITNESSED IN MY 40 YEARS OF LIFE’). But because some people are fighting fire with fire, suddenly the left’s cancel culture isn’t the problem. The right “weaponizing” it is the problem. Plus, “Putin.” Just because … reasons.

It’s like in the media. When a Republican does something bad, the story is about the Republican doing something bad. When a Democrat does something bad, the story is about Republicans reacting to the Democrat. Only in this case, the left uses cancel culture against anyone and everyone who doesn’t agree with them 100% or who ever uses words that aren’t on their approved list of words. Now people are getting fed up, so they are playing by the rules of engagement that leftists like Alyssa Milano put in place.

It’s not “weaponizing.” It’s clapping back.

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