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‘Are We Coming To A Civil War?’ Spike Lee Asks On CNN

‘Are We Coming To A Civil War?’ Spike Lee Asks On CNN

Filmmaker Spike Lee joined CNN’s Anderson Cooper Friday and floated the possibility of an impending civil war while talking about the Jacob Blake case.

Lee, sporting a 1619 Project hat, began by comparing the police’s treatment of Jacob Blake to that of Kyle Rittenhouse, who has been charged with three shootings in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

Citing reports that indicate Blake’s ankles are cuffed to his hospital bed, Lee said “that’s what the slave catchers did.” Transitioning to the Kenosha shooting, Lee pondered if whether or not Kyle Rittenhouse is “in shackles.”

Rittenhouse was arrested Wednesday on six charges relating to the shooting, including first-degree intentional homicide.

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Lee commented on the video that depicts Kyle Rittenhouse attempting to approach police after the shooting.

“Imagine the same scenario, but a black man has a semiautomatic rifle,” Lee said, “and all the chaos was happening in Kenosha. Do you think that armed vehicles and Jeeps are going to ride right — right by a black man?”

Lee told Cooper he “pray[s] to God this guy is out November 3rd,” referring to the possibility of President Donald Trump’s reelection. He also floated the possibility Trump “might not want to leave” the White House if he loses.

“Anderson, are we coming a civil war? The next civil war in the United States of America. I ask you that question,” Lee said in closing.

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