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California Says Federal Lawsuit Over Immigration Is Declaration Of War

California Says Federal Lawsuit Over Immigration Is Declaration Of War

Yesterday in a move that all knew was coming, the Justice Department issued a lawsuit against California for trying to usurp federal law. I knew something of this nature was a long time in coming, as California has moved more and more to the left, they have decided to entirely ignore federal supremacy over immigration had decided since they don’t agree with how the current immigration laws are set up they not only have a right to ignore them and not work with the US government to keep them inforced. It had come to a head last week when the state sent state workers to ICE to demand access to their paperwork, and then the Mayor of Oakland went public and told the citizens of Oakland that a raid was on the way.

We have seen since Trump has come to the office more and more belligerence from California, they went as far in their rebuttal yesterday to say watch out, the 9th Circut Court will most likely ball them out, seems they forgot the Supreme Court for sure will not. 

So how did things get to this point? 

I would put much of the blame on Obama, but he is not the only one holding the responsibility here. The issue came during Obama’s term. First, he issued illegal executive orders granting amnesty to illegals coming into this nation because they were children, this caused then a Tsunami of illegal children coming here, parents bringing them to the border and dropping them off, some not even in their teens. 

Obama then tied the hands of the border control, ICE, and tried to doctor up records to show how hard he was on immigration, claiming he had set records on enforcing immigration policy, that was nothing but smoke and mirrors, even Snopes, which will go out of its way to make up excuses for Obama could not justify this  saying his claim wasn’t OK. But it was the ignoring of federal law that put this all in the shape it was in now; it was the status quo we saw with Bush, Clinton Bush Sr. and even Reagon giving amnesty, that has created the problem we have now. 

While the proceeding administrations aided in much of this problem, it was the Obama Administration allowing states to ignore the laws they disfavored that brought this to this point, states and cities deciding what they wish has more authority than the Federal Law does; sorry folks, things just don’t work out this way. 

What has pushed this to a head?

One thing, the Trump Administration. Since Trump has been elected, we have seen far leftist states like California, New York, Oregon and other Eastern and Western states go into a full meltdown, throwing tantrums like little children because we the people decided to dare to vote in a way that was not how they wanted. It is this resistance movement that is pushing all their actions, from the courts to statehouses; they are determined on a national level to challenge Trump’s authority, which they view as illegitimate. 

Of course, they are selective in this, if you had a state dare resist one of their ideas they hold sacred, say Gay marriage or civil rights laws? Tell the federal government they would not comply with this, can you imagine the howling and outrage you would hear from the left? No, wait,  we had seen this already, in the 1960’s they cheered when the US government correctly sent troops into the Southern States to enforce civil rights laws, but then they howled in indignation when Kim Davis  said she would not honor giving applications for gay marriage, “How dare she defy the federal government,” they told us. Turns out the left in typical hypocritical manner thinks it is morally wrong for anyone other than them to defy federal law. 

After Trump was elected the momentum for this came at even a higher degree. First, the Democrats were willing to shut down our government, thus ignoring our own citizens for people who came here through illegal means, thus showing their constituents that foreign nationals mean more then they did, then cities start with sanctuary status, saying they would not comply with federal law to work with federal immigration, and finally a state, California decided they had a right to do this as well. 

But California crossed a line when their Attorney General not only told state employees and institutions they weren’t to aid the federal immigration in any way, but then took to the podium and said private citizens if they assisted federal immigration in any way they could be arrested, this is in direct violation of the law, at that point something had to be done. 

There is no Alieni juris here, this is the law of the land, California nor anyone else is under anyone else’s authority, there is only the federal authority that is the ultimate law, all other laws are subject to this law, they may further define it, but never contradict it. This is after all what the Supremacy Clause of the United States Constitution (Article VI, Clause 2) states, the federal law is above all laws; it is the law of the land. 

So what should be done?

In this regard President Trump is much nicer then I would be (maybe that is why I would never be president), I would first issue an arrest warrant for the mayor of Oakland, if you are going to interfere, give warning to not only illegals but ones that have committed crimes while here, you should be at minimum arrested for obstruction. What is more, when the mayor, Libby Schaaf, comes out and says she is not apologetic about this, then you run into enormous problems, this has gone from obstruction to defying the authority of the federal government. 

What is more, the Governor of California, who has shown that he as well as willing to resist federal law was claiming this lawsuit was an act of war as his lackey, the Attorney General sat by his side. It is getting rapidly out of hand as the state and other cities are deciding they have a right to challenge the Authority of the President, this is putting this nation into a constitutional crisis, this is basically challenging the fabric of this nation. Governor Brown is correct, this is war, the same way the Southern States first challenged the law, had their judges act for them prior to their ceding from the union, we now are seeing the same thing with these liberal states, maybe he is right, maybe the US should call up the guard, removed Brown and the government and take over control of the state until they can elect in responsible Elected officials. 

In the end, this is just more desperation from the left, as they see that about 15% of the nation that is on the far left, the ones the DNC, press, and Hollywood along with academics now are catering to is not in tune with what the rest of the nation is thinking. as we see this split with the far left grow more and more desperate seeing the rest of us want nothing to do with this type of thinking, they will continue to disobey, try to bring in a population that is more beholding to them.

In the end this shows the truth about the DNC that is hard to ignore, although liberals are too happy to put blinders on, the DNC cares nothing for the people they are supposed to represent, if anything they despise them, that is why they are willing to shut down the government and hurt the very people they claim they are supporting. 

This is why I started up this  week Silent No More, I am tired of being silent, we need to be heard, there isn’t only one side of the story, we have a RIGHT to demand to be heard, and if businesses and organizations are not willing to listen, then maybe we need to find others to do business with. I ran into this with starting up this organization, by the next day I was already seeing attacks from the left, they want to kill it before it can get going. Had some write and say we aren’t the Majority, the elections should show this, of course they ignored the fact that only 1/3 of the nation voted, which to me is shameful, if all the moderates and conservates decided to stop bitching about what is so wrong and actually went to vote, we would not have to worry so much about politicians that ignore the will of their electors, they would find their next election in great peril.  

We need to give support and listen to the people we find are in tune  with our thinking, but I encourage to listen to the ones that aren’t, we need to at least have an understanding of where they are coming from, the best way to defeat a foe is to understand all you can about them, this way you will anticipate their moves before they make them, that is why it is so important to listen to the other side as well. 

As you know all things cost money, this does as well, and I have to say thanks to all the people so far that have donated, we appreciate this very much, and would like to thank you in the future that will, this is what is needed to get this going. We are working now on bring in bumper stickers, hats and shirts that you can buy to show your support, this way you are getting something back in return, also will have something to show you are part of the movement. Learned long ago that everything starts with small steps, a pebble upon a pebble doesn’t seem like much at first, but after a while, this turns into a small hill, as others join in you can turn these few pebbles into a large unmovable mountain. 

We need you to help, in any way you can, be it by donations, telling others  of this, finding people that wish to get involved, or doing so yourself, every bit helps, for each action aids in the cause, we can make this nation great again, we have a great leader, now we need to do our part!

At this time I have my brother, who is one of the premier website designers in the world aiding in constructing the website for, such services usually cost in the thousands to tens of thousands, he has offered to do it to contribute his part, I am very thankful for him doing this. We just found an embroidery place that is willing to do the set up fees for the design of the shirts at no cost, this usually has a cost with it as well, we are so thankful for all that see this vision with us, we will change this nation, for we have a voice, we have a right to be heard!

Here is the charitable giving site.

Click on the banner to go to Go Fund Me Site to give to Silent No More!



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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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