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CNN Calls Mt. Rushmore Racist, Proving Donald Trump Right About Them

CNN Calls Mt. Rushmore Racist, Proving Donald Trump Right About Them

Donald Trump gave a humdinger of a speech Wednesday night, live from Mt. Rushmore. The president finally called out leftists over their cancel culture and general desire to destroy America and erase our history, as clueless as they may be about it sometimes.

Prior to Trump giving this speech many on the right felt was long overdue, CNN previewed it by unintentionally making his point about them and the rest of the left. CNN RANDO: Mt. Rushmore is nothing more than a monument to slave owners, so of course Donald Trump wants to give a speech here.

JAKE TAPPER: *Sigh* I hate my life.

As a side note…

So it’s not even that the left always believed these things as much as they believe the opposite what whatever Donald Trump believes at that moment. Convictions FTW!

Keep in mind this reporter’s comments weren’t made during one of the opinion shows. It wasn’t something said during a panel discussion of people looking to nail their talking points as they talk over each other. These comments were made during a presumably legitimate, unbiased news report. You know, some serious hard news sh*t. This is what reporters currently employed by CNN seriously think about Mt. Rushmore and two out of our first three presidents, just because it’s the new directive handed down from Leftist High Command. You know, where George Soros, Hillary Clinton, Bill Ayers and some others sit around a conference table under a volcano to decide on the party’s direction. Where they keep the Joe Biden android and shoot his videos. Obviously I’m joking here. But be honest … can’t you picture them actually having a secret lair under a volcano?

Donald Trump gave a speech about what we’re up against. CNN managed to help prove his point before he gave the speech. That pretty much previews what the next four months are going to be like.

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