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The Hidden Truth – The Real Cost Of Illegal Immigrants

The Hidden Truth – The Real Cost Of Illegal Immigrants

We have all heard it, you turn on the news from any leftist news site such as MSNBC, CNN or open up a paper we are inundated with claims of how much the illegals contribute to this nation. We are told they are virtuous, are better behaved, have no problems with the law, are better students, but is this true? Do the figures given about illegal immigrants match up to what we are being told? Does the contribution match what the cost is, or are we paying far more then they are contributing?

Why don’t we first start with what they contribute to the economy, then let’s look at the cost, with this then look at the actual true cost, do they cost much more then they are giving? 

One of the first things we hear is self-righteous liberals standing at a podium lecturing us on how much the illegals contribute to our national GNP, in 2016 they said that this number was over $11 billion. In 2017 the figures rose, but not by a huge amount, with a 2% growth, the figure may have jumped slightly but let’s cautious for their sake and say what they have contributed by one billion, so they contributed last year $12 billion. 


This seems like a great amount, but then you add just schooling, what does it cost a year to pay for the schooling of the kids that come with illegal immigrants. In the findings from FAIR (Federation for American Immigration Reform), the cost of schooling is as follows: 

LEP students cost taxpayers approximately $59.2 billion annually. Almost the entirety of this cost, 98.9 percent, is borne by taxpayers at the local and state level. This fiscal impact is felt well beyond the southern border states—Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California—where problems related to immigration are typically associated. In fact, 11 of the 13 states spending more than $1 billion on LEP programs in 2016 don’t border Mexico: Colorado, Illinois, Washington, Virginia, Georgia, Massachusetts, Michigan, Florida, New Jersey, New York and Maryland. 

If you wish to follow up and look at sources, and they do give the records to back up their claims, just click on the quote.

We see that the contribution shown by just the schooling alone is not only eaten up but to school, the children of illegals, in a system that is already scrambling for funds, to add this type of burden to the schools, another $59 billion makes no sense. The Claims of contribution already are laid bare, basically in the public schools we the taxpayers are picking up over $47 billion in school cost, and this does not include food stamps, social services, incarcerations of ones that are here illegally, policing services or immigration, trying to catch them to send them back, tax fraud (there are many that work for cash). 

Money being wasted

Without any of the figures added in, we look at a total figure of $115,894,597,664 for 2016, even more in 2017. Add to this figure all the others that were not mentioned we could be up to around $150 Billion in total costs, add to this figure that these same illegals send to Mexico over $69 billion, remember, this figure is for both legal and illegal immigrants. 

This is just Mexico; we could see easily 4 or 5 times this number worldwide. Add in this, around $150 billion spent to have these people here; they give back in turn about $12 billion, that means we are already losing over $100 billion taking care of these people and their families. But there is more, add to this another $100 billion (once more I am very favorably towards  the money sent out of this nation), this means that money that normally would be spent here, supporting American Businesses, American manufacturing, American workers, and American citizens are being sent back to nations from people that should not be here, in many cases are working illegal jobs that an actual American could work. Last,  they are sending the money they should not be here to earn back home so it can be spent there. 

With the added cost of taking care of illegals and their families, around $100 billion, then another $100 billion being sent overseas to spend out of the country, one has to ask, “HOW THE HELL IS THIS BENEFITING AMERICANS?”

To sum this up, during Obama’s term we went 8.8 trillion in debt, but if we had saved this money lost on supporting an illegal population, then put back in the nation the money sent out, we could have cut $1 Trillion or more off of national debt. While this does not seem large in the scheme of things, because at this rate this is just money, abstract figures thrown out at us, this is the money that we used to fund our military for almost 2 years, it would have been enough to build back up our infrastructure, not leaving one bridge that needed fixing undone, instead we are spending it on people who should not be here. 

The best person I know and have ever met, my better half, she is a legal immigrant, came here legally at three months old, she has told me she would have been better off coming here as one of the illegal immigrants, would have had more rights then she does now. What a sad statement, we protect the ones that break the law more than the ones that follow it. The perception is that the left is willing to hand illegals funds and benefits they never worked for, but we who have worked all our life, we are denied these same rights. 

The worst part of all these threats of shutting down the government over these illegals is there is nothing that can be done about them, a federal judge froze all actions, not that it will stand, but this is just another excuse from the left. 

So next time the left stands up and tells them how much they care about our economy, our infrastructure or maybe even you, tell them they are liars, they would rather take care of millions of illegals, have you and I take care of them so they can pull more votes.

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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.


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