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When A Dead GOP Candidate Is Better Then A Live Liberal

When A Dead GOP Candidate Is Better Then A Live Liberal

It is indeed a sad sight when given a choice between a dead GOP brothel owner, Dennis Hof, over his Liberal challenger, even though he has just recently passed away, he is still expected to win the election over his live challenger in Nevada. Goes to show a dead GOP candidate is better than any living liberal.

I remember for years getting yelled at for daring to say, my grandmother, who has been dead for over 35 years would be a better candidate then any living liberal, I was told I was rude and mean, now I feel vindicated. For we see a dead GOP brothel owner is preferred over a living liberal.

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Of course, there comes in the play of words, a dead person can’t muck anything up like a living one will guess that held true for the last administration as we watched 8 years of trying their best to destroy and weaken this nation, now we are stuck with instead of Trump just focusing on doing things to improve this nation, he has to spend half his time fixing the mess Obama and his cronies made, the other half dealing with this fake collusion story. Amazing he has been able to do anything, but then he rarely sleeps, he is getting things done while the liberals are sleeping.

In all seriousness, what happens if a candidate has recently passed away and is voted for? Sure not going to use his corps to fill a seat, it is not Holloween all the time, the states have the means to fill in the vacancy. As for the people, they are voting not for the individual any longer, they are instead voting instead for the party, for the party that wins will have a candidate put forward to fill this spot. Regardless, it is still not a great thing when a dead GOP brothel owner beats out a living liberal, one would think the left would learn from this, but highly doubt it.

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Many on the left are screaming that the GOP lacks family values, naturally, this is coming from the same group of people who support partial birth abortion, people running around with giant vagina’s on their heads, and say that no male child should be breastfed. Guess when it comes to listening to lectures on morality, they are the last ones I wish to listen to. All I know is I will be telling them for the next two years, “It is not a great thing when a dead GOP brothel owner is better than the live candidate you are offering.

This election looks in many ways to be as entertaining as the 2016 election, I have a feeling the Blue Wave we have heard so much about is going to fizzle, then will come calls for more investigations for the left can’t figure out why the rest of America wants nothing to do with their mental illness, the only thing they have left is to blame others for why they have failed. But once more, it will be a great conversation piece, a dead GOP Brothel owner beat out a liberal, got to love it.

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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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  1. Larry Olds

    Please learn the difference if the words, “then” and “than.” “Than” is the word that should have been used. They are commonly misused.


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