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Erik Wemple: Pointless But Still Talking

Erik Wemple: Pointless But Still Talking

Tucker Carlson in what many consider as a great break had an informant from the Podesta group prior to the Arrests on Monday come forward last week, inform him that the Investigation of the Special Counsel’s office had taken a turn, no long was in it focusing on collision with Trump and Russia, the reason is rather obvious, there is none. It was with the break in the witness that Carlson Tucker revealed this, then went on to expose the Podesta group’s handling on this. Of course, this did not sit well with some in the liberal press, a great example – Erik Wemple.

What is interesting, when he broke this you had an instant reaction to this report, you had many in the left accuse him of trying to deflect the attention away from the investigation, but when the report came out with the Arrests on Monday we saw what he was saying held more truth to it then was making the key players on the left comfortable, so they started to first threaten, you had Tony Podesta resign from the Law firm, claimed it was due to Tucker and Fox news that he could no longer perform his duties, goodness knows he could not say it was due to him having to run, they are not covering their tracks in frantic motion before the indictments came out against him and his brother Tony, which I am sure will be soon to follow.

So what happens, what is the left’s take on this? Turns out people like Erik Wemple want to claim this is all lies, even though more and more we are seeing the nose closing around Podesta’s, we see the Uranium One dealings starting to come to light, calls are growing to the point that Congress will no longer be able to hold back an investigation into Clinton and the outright corruption we see from the whole clan.

One has to find humor in this, it is kind of like a chicken when you chop its head off, it does not know if it should lie down and quietly go out with whatever dignity it has left (does look rather silly with no head), or run like mad, who cares if it can’t see where it is going, make as much ruckus as it can, may hold off the inevitable, soon its days are going to be over. The left seeing their dreams starting to collapse are getting more and more frantic, the party as we know is dead, just doesn’t know it yet. It can cause problems if it runs into you, but having lost the White House in epic fashion, something they still can’t accept, both the House and the Senate, they have no choice but to try to be vocal, they are powerless to do anything more. Even the states want nothing to do with them, well other then the ones caught up in their own liberal delusions, like New York, California, and Oregon, and the other liberal states, because the are surrounded by like minded individuals they seem to fail to understand that their numbers are shrinking, the rest of the nation is tiring of their psychosis and wants nothing to do with it, yet the talking heads with New York Times, CNN, ABC, CNN keep spewing their poison and these people think all is well.

I for one will take delight in the torment that will follow when this all comes crashing down, like a house built of straws, the left has built up what seems like a wonderful mansion, they put nice shiny wrappings on the house, stood by for all to see their beautiful creation, but when people stepped in close, they started to see it for what it was, a house of straws, they wanted nothing to do with it. Naturally in the last elections they left screamed, condemned and attacked anyone that would not agree, and like with the obnoxious drunk in the bar who will listen to no reason, it makes no sense to fight with the fool, so you agree with him on his face, then go on and do what you will, he is not worth fighting with. The same way with the left in the last elections, we all tired of their lectures, it was not like they would listen to reason, so we smiled, said what they wanted to hear, then voted for whom we wanted, TRUMP, now like the drunk, they are waiting up for the drunk, realizing everyone left without them and are angry and throwing a fit. Come to think of it, kind of reminds me of Erik Wemple.

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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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