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The House Of Cards Is Falling, Expect Arrests Of Low Level Players Next Week, And Then Mass Arrests

The House Of Cards Is Falling, Expect Arrests Of Low Level Players Next Week, And Then Mass Arrests

In any corruption crime case, especially one as large as what we see in the government today with the setup and attempted coup against a sitting president, the people involved reaching the very heights of power. The government needs to make sure everything is prepared before they act, then will start arrests in mass, this will be done to stop co-conspirators from fleeing or getting together to set up false narratives.

But there is a first step that is done before this, that is the freeing up of people framed, who have fallen due to the corruption, now are facing pearl for their own life due to the people involved will in desperation be looking for someone, anyone to strike back at.

We have seen Gen. Flynn has the Justice Department dropped all charges, we can fully expect people like Roger Stone, who is fighting for his very freedom after his arrest to be the next released from this crusade against everything Trump. The conspirators have struck at the peripherals around Trump, trying to make his loyal and longtime friends pay the price for being faithful to him. In the process have destroyed their finances, their lives, for some taken their very freedom. You will see this be taken care of early next week, and the week after, they need to get these people out of the way when the hammer comes down.

Even now you see the narrative starting to come out from the left, with sites like The Atlantic, they attack Trump and his followers for continuing to pay attention to the Russian Collaboration claims, accused all of us of taking our eyes off of what matters, the outbreak of this virus.

L.A. Times was outraged that charges were dropped, they could care less that the evidence showed that Flynn was set up, instead that he plead out to lying, then ignored the fact that the Justice Department with Obama holdovers were threatening to bring charges against his son if Flynn did not make a plea as they demanded. They demand that the arrest be held in place, how dare this be overturned.

In the end, Flynn did what was needed to protect both his nation and his family. This is all ignored by the liberal writer with L.A. Times, Harry Litman.

Even now the press is starting to wake up to there could be a problem coming, they will not attack directly, instead, as shown in the articles above, they will try to direct the narrative, to make it seem like this administration is above the law.

At the end of next week, or it could wait until early the week after, expect to hear of arrests or indictments of people involved with setting Flynn up, this will not draw much attention from the higher-ups, this has already been set up by releases of information, it will seem that there is nothing to worry about.

What many don’t realize is the participants that were involved in the conspiracy to set up Flynn, thus trying to get at Trump, there was a collaboration between the people in the higher positions of the Obama FBI and Justice Department involved with this. We do know that with the Steele dossier, Biden sat in with the meetings when it was discussed how to use this information against Trump, this was after he was already elected and a president in waiting.

When the mass arrests start, you are going to see both the press and the Democrats go into overdrive. This will be a self-defense mechanism; they will say that Trump is trying to seize power, to take away the elections, if Biden is caught up in this, and he very well may be, you will see the outrage grow in volume.

I fully expect that some in Congress and the Senate have knowledge of the conspiracy to remove Trump, if they had a hand in it, assume the claims of undoing the constitution to follow, they will tell their followers that Trump is determined to destroy democracy as we know it.

At this point, with the Democrats in charge of the House, there will be a snap vote to stop Trump, to bring impeachment charges to stop what they say is an assault against our constitution, this will never get through the Senate, and the House knows this, this will be more to show their followers that somehow there is a conspiracy by the Republicans to seize power.

Mass unrest will follow in large Democrat-held cities, but this would happen anyway if Trump wins the election in November, so deal with it now in the summer, rather then deal with it in the fall or winter.

What will be of question is how the population will react. If evidence is overwhelming most in the center will accept the evidence, but the far-left will not care. Even if they agree that wrongdoing was done, in their mind, the need to rid this nation of Trump is above the law, so what was done would be acceptable.

While all of this is conjecture, there is a logic behind how the government acts set after a pattern on how the legal system works. We know that Barr has said the investigation is done, people I have spoken to said they feel this is the way things will happen. The question is a matter of timing.

The calm we are experiencing is the calm before the storm, hold on, a tempest is coming.

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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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