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Fighting Against America’s Downfall

Fighting Against America’s Downfall

“America, the land of the free, the home of the brave,” we have all heard this line, but is this still the America we know? Listening to some you would think we are “The land of the oppressors, the home of the privileged and users!” Others will tell you that we are doomed to fall, and they are right, no empire or state has ever stood forever, I know one day America like all the rest will fail, and sadly it will do so the same way others have done, from within, in the end when it is just a shell of what it once was will then bring on the death blow from without.

You may ask, how can I say this, I love America, and you are right, I do, served in the military with this nation, but love does not mean you must be blind, sometimes love means you have to bold enough to see what is in front of you and be willing to express openly what you see.

So what do I see? I see a strong connection to America and an empire that stood longer than any other, the Roman empire, I see the same rise to greatness, the American empire is just like Rome was, it is the strongest power in the world right now, and the greatest to ever rise, but like Rome, if we are not careful, we too will share in its demise, only to be remembered in history books.

If one looks at the history of ancient Rome, a republic that started with the people willing to sacrifice to bring greatness to their republic, to serve in the military, to pass along the privilege of being part of the state to others they came into contact with, it was seen as a right that the Romans had to uphold at all cost.

Now I am not saying that Rome was not without its faults, it was built by slavery, was brutal in its treatment of its enemies, saw torture and death as necessary to maintain control, human rights were very much none existent unless you were a Roman citizen, but they achieved greatness in spite of all of this, stood as an empire for over 1450 years, influenced much of what we know today, a power that is still even felt today, 600 years after she took her last gasp.

So what brought about the fall of Rome? Was it the sacking of Rome by the Gauls? Was it destroyed by the Germanic tribes? No, it was already a carcass at the time, the walking dead just waiting to be finished off. Like we see today, the people felt that it was others duty to support them, to do what they would no longer do, provide services while they sat at home parties.

They refused to fight, felt that their position was their right, others were only created to be of service to them, it was these people they used that hated and despised them at the end, when the fear of their brutality wore off, they turned on them in even a more brutal fashion then they had been dealt with.

No longer were the citizens willing to serve in the military, they hired out all their fighting to mercenaries, these men after learning how to fight the Roman way were discarded, rejected as not Roman enough when they were done the fighting, the same way we now treat some people that fight for us.

This is one of the reasons I have said for years, if a person is willing to put on a uniform to fight and put their life on the line for this nation, the nation is obligated to not only treat them as one of their own, but they should take the further step and make them citizens, reward them and make sure they are recognized, that is how you bring loyalty.

But we need to go further if you look at great nations in the past, their citizens were willing to fight for the goals of the nation, not any longer, the children in college, and yes they wish to be treated like adults, but they still act like children.

While our grandparents were off in the trenches of WW1 and two fighting and dying for the principles of this nation, these kids today want to talk about how their feelings are hurt, about micro and macro aggressions, demanding quiet corners and hot chocolate and safe spaces. The heroes of the past are turning in their graves over the state of your young adults today.

When a people fight for the nation, have the bond of fighting with comrades in arms, they appreciate what is important, the loyalty that is earned from a shared experience, they also learn in a hurry to grow up, to figure out what is truly important and what is needless fluff.

So how did this happen? Let’s go back to the 1940s when the courts took teaching morality from the Bible out of schools, the problem is you by doing this took away a standard of what had been taught for years as a moral code, but the schools were not allowed to replace it with anything else, so the kids were stuck to learn such things at home.

This may seem reasonable and well, but then we come to the next generation, the 1960’s, they took prayer out of schools, removed G-d, and I don’t care if you are Christian, Jewish or some other faith, all faiths still have a code of morals, none of this was taught, the kids growing up in the ’40s and ’50s had the ideals of what was morally right or wrong, the kids of the ’60s had some of this taken away.

In the 1970’s we replace G-d with what made us feel good, the time of free love, drugs, and rock and roll, the kids were taught to pursue pleasure, not responsibility. Morals were further thrown out the window; it was no longer fashionable to see the moral codes your parents lived by as something that had merit, we needed to be free from such things.

In the 1990s, they brought about for the next generation being raised with no moral codes, none of them were taught about faith, they were babysat not by adults, rather by video’s games that as time went on became more and more violent, so what came of it?

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When kids are taught to seek instant gratification, killing millions in games brings an adrenaline rush, why not carry it to real life, think what a rush you would get from killing real people, thus the advent of the school mass shootings was born.

We then saw in the 2000s the growth of porn, the furthering of the destruction of morals, what was once seen as wrong, that is what they see as the new rights of the time. We have no morals, so kids dressing up as the opposite sex, using bathrooms they have no business using, that is seen as a right. We want to display our faith, that now is openly attacked, how could one be so backward as to teach our children that morals are right, to love means sacrifice, and there is a consequence to all one that one does, just a matter of it is good or bad.

How do we fix this? We need to demand the right to start going back to what worked out for so many years, to teach our children morals, it is not the duty of the school to do this, sure not the internet or the TV. Watch what your kids are brought in, my mother used to tell me, what you bring in is sure to come back out one day, remember, if you allow garbage to go into your kids, don’t be surprised when their behavior stinks up the whole place.

There should be a jealous guarding of our children’s innocence, many don’t care if it is ripped away at a young age, let their eight-year-olds play game like Grand Theft, have no control over what they view on the internet, then you wonder why as they grow up they have no respect or any morals, the reason is simple, you never taught them.

The last thing we need to do, reinstall the need to learn from our elders, to respect what they have experienced and gone through, but not paying them attention or showing any respect, we are now throwing away a whole life of learning because we consider them outdated, instead we should be sitting at their knees and learning from them.

I as a rule don’t write about faith, but we need to get back to the faith our fathers knew, the one that gave them meaning in their lives. We need to get back to the Synagogue, the Church or wherever it is that you worship. Learn from others, instead of shutting them down, Christians learn from Jews, they have been at this much longer then you have, Jews learn from the Christians, sometimes you find joy in the discovery of youth. We should look for what binds us, not what separates, be willing to share, not indoctrinate, to accept, not demand that another change make them more acceptable to you.

We are a great people, a great nation, it is up to us to continue this great nation for the sake of our children, we are the edge of the abyss, we can take a step back, figure out if plunging is good for us, or do we as a people need to take a different path.

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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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