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The herd mentality is vital for the left and their control over their followers. One of the most confusing things for me to deal with is the conformity demanded by the left. If one is a free thinker, dares to ask questions they deem as inappropriate, they attack in mass, but how did they get to this point.

I watched these three video’s; they came from an article from Courtney Kirchoff, she put out a report with Louder with Chowder. I was so fascinated I had to research more on this.

We look today; we see frantic people trying to do what they can to protect themselves from this Coronavirus. Still, you also see this with political activist, one person makes a claim, the rest of the people, not wishing to be left out run with the idea, even if it is built with a known faulty premise.

I remember as a child, and people would tell me things had to be done a certain way, when I would inform my father of this, say everyone was saying or doing this, he would ask me, “If everyone jumped off a bridge, would you?” It was this demand not to conform that dictated to me how I would later in life deal with peer pressure.

We see this very much in the press today. We have one person scream that calling the Coronavirus; the China Virus is somehow racist, soon all the media joins in, they can’t afford to step out of line, not support what others are saying, to stand out with different thoughts is unacceptable today.

We can see how people are manipulated to think and do as we demand of them in this video:

Here we have two cakes, made with the same exact ingredients, but because they show a different price, the people tasting the cakes just know the more expensive is tastier than the cheaper one. Here we have what is a manipulation of the people by giving an expectation, even though both cakes were the same. 

We see the same thing with politicians, they set a stage for what they see as acceptable, then let it be known if you react in any way that they demand, you, not they are unacceptable one. In a way, this reminds me of the old fable of the Emperor’s clothes. You give an expectation, then give consequences, people would rather go with a lie than face the truth. In that story some con men went to the emperor, told him they were spinning yarn, making the most luxurious clothes ever, had the emperor hand them gold and other riches to create the cloths out of, then informed the Emperor and everyone around that only smart or intelligent people can see the cloths. 

They never made any cloths, the faked dressing that poor emperor, had him parade down the streets naked as a jaybird, yet no one was willing to say a word, lest they are labeled as less intelligent if finally took a child to point out the Emporer, laughing as why he was prancing around naked. 

No place is this seen more than with the ideals of Liberal thinking. You see a crowd go around, say that global warming is caused 100% by man, but then you start to ask about outside factors, such as cyclic warming, that are shown through science, the herd mentality sets in, they attack you because you aren’t running with them. 

We could say it is the same with evolution, I remember a couple of years ago a scientist in looking at fossilized dinosaur bones took the bones and dissolved them, what was left was viable tissue, blood vessels, and such material, the scientific world went crazy, this could only be a hoax, we know nothing organic could last millions of years, yet here were the studies. 

When other scientists went on to do the same, most likely more to provide proof that this finding was false, and they found the same results, then the scientific world scrambled to try to explain why this had happened, but they still stay within the herd. 

Watch this video from National Geographic:

The left sprinkles this in with their teaching, either go along with their dogma or they will shame you.

A couple of years ago I went back to college, something I like to do from time to time, wanted t to brush up on skills I had not used in years, take some new history class, as discoveries are found, the increase in knowledge is growing at a very quick rate.

One of the classes the force all students to go through was Race and Privilege class, the teacher had a fit because I would not conform to the class. I committed the unforgivable sin, I dared to go against what the masses were doing.

In the same way, we see this with this picking the line shown above, the people know they are choosing what they knew was wrong, but because everyone else was doing this, so would they. When you have someone stand up and say no, this is not the way it should be, you then see the hostilities in the crown, such as you see at colleges when someone comes in shares an ideology different then what they are teaching.

Now watch this social experiment which shows just how strongly peer pressure affects us:

This was the most interesting video to me, the fact that even though everyone else was standing at the chime, it made no sense, but rather than look like she was going against the crowd, the Asian Lady was soon standing with all of them. But it did not stop there, it carried on even after they left, then continued when a new group comes in, soon they were doing the same.

We see the same in colleges where the kids are indoctrinated with massive doses of liberal ideology, they are sent home. Many of them not finding the acceptance they are used to for what they took home, they soon are on the hunt to find others that were equally indoctrinated.

As these masses grow larger, you start to see not just the wild commotion you find with colleges today, soon they are out on the streets attacking others in their own spaces, thus the herd has grown, is not satisfied in their own feeding grounds, they now are demanding to expand, not allow others their own freedom, they demand the right to control all around them.

In the end, this is the difference between a liberal and a conservative, one believes in freedom, the other believes in freedom only if it conforms to their way of thinking, if you don’t, they reserve the right to attack, harass, all while accusing you of acting this way.

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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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