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Hey Democrats, No Collusion, What About Russia?

Hey Democrats, No Collusion, What About Russia?

Turns out in a release, one that I may add was ignored by every liberal news outlet in the land, the Senate Intelligence Committee released their findings of their investigation into Trump and Russia collusion, they said there was not a shred of evidence there was any. So now, what are we going to do about Russia Democrats?

You have screamed that Russia has interfered with our elections, but if you look at the evidence, there is proof that some adds were ran, but there has not been one shred of evidence yet that shows one vote was changed. I am more worried at this point more about how many votes were changed by Yahoo, Google and Facebook, with their manipulating of data then I am about what Russia has done.

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Further, if you are going to complain about Russia doing this, I must ask, did we ever interfere with Russian elections? The truth on this is that we have each and everyone, but like a petulant child, you demand that what you are doing is not done to you.

Further, I seem to recall not to long ago it was Obama and his team that sent his election team to Israel to try to aid the opposition against the sitting Prime Minister of our closest ally in the Middle East, illegally funneled money into the Israeli election, yet this is ignored, the Democrats are claiming we are blameless in all of this.

But what is more, the Mueller Special Counsel was put in place to find collusion, yet none has been shown, so why are they still operating? Why are we still enabling them with millions of Taxpayers money to go around and destroy lives with things that are totally unrelated to their mandate? Why aren’t they are this point disbanded?

And why this constant harping on Russia? If you want to look for someone that is making hostile moves, placing Islands in the middle of the Sea, then claiming these are sovereign land, look to China, they are the ones slowly moving outwards trying to push us out? Yet both sides have their nose so far up their butts, I no longer know where China ends and these enablers in Congress start.

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So I ask you Congress, there to date have been no findings, we now know this whole thing was a sham, so you members that voted to put Mueller in charge, then kept him in place, can we take your wages to pay for all the money wasted on this sham? The same for you in the Senate, you knew this was a sham, and on both sides of the Isle, so why are we still funding this farce?

I think you Democrats need to apologize to the Russians, you have half of America looking under rocks, you never know, there could be a Russian there. Thank goodness Hillary is not in office, I fear we would be at war with Russia right now. Going to war with a nation that I don’t believe could win, but would bloody us so bad that we would find it not worth the price, not to mention their thousands of nukes, tickling that bear just seems like a stupid idea.

Do you want to know what the real problem with Russia is? It is Putin. Putin will not submit to the liberal ideas of morals, he does not allow gay rights to the extent that the left demands, so they hate him. He does not allow liberal stupidity, oops I mean ideology, so they hate him for that too.

Putin will not allow unrestricted Islamic migration into Russia when the Islamic republics within Russia start terrorist attacks, Russia goes in with such violence they know the consequences of their actions is not worth it. This is the problem with the US in Arab lands, we try to go in showing our humanity, but they only end up despising and wanting to kill us, they view this as a sign of weakness. If you are going to deal with these people, you respond as violently as they are reacting to you, look to Israel.

This is the problem why this whole collusion thing is a waste, why our stance towards Russia is wrong, we should learn how to get along rather then fight each other, but leave this up to the liberal left, we would now be at war with each other, and you liberals wonder why Putin and Russia does not support you.

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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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