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Krauss Kicked Out Of Store, Told To Not Return Until Pro-life Shirt Was removed

Krauss Kicked Out Of Store, Told To Not Return Until Pro-life Shirt Was removed

Conservative pundit Elisha Krauss caused quite a stir when she walked into a store on Thursday, donning a pro-life T-shirt emblazoned with the message, “Women’s Rights Begin in the Womb.”

The slogan should not have been controversial. It was a common-sense statement affirming the right of life for female babies from conception to birth. This was not a narrative that was going to be able to stand in California.

The slogan “Women’s Rights Begin In The Womb” showed the hypocrisy where the progressive left only feels this should matter after birth, and even then, some are now saying this should not be assured.

A security guard at Gelson’s Market in Van Nuys, California, apparently considered the slogan to be so controversial, he said that Kraus could not come back with the shirt because it may incite violence.

Krauss, who contributes to the Daily Wire and has her podcast, shared her ordeal on Twitter.

“Was just asked by the security guy at the @gelsonsmarkets on Van Nuys to ‘next time don’t enter the market wearing a shirt that’s controversial’ and I asked why. He said he didn’t want to be responsible for a fight and I said, ‘you’re not responsible for what happens to me … I am.’”

On Twitter Krauss shared a photo of the T-shirt that caused such a stir:

Am I the only one that finds this somewhat hypocritical, the progressive left, which none stop accuses the conservative right of being violent, even though you never see it from us, now are saying wearing a T-shirt, exercising your free speech, that could incite violence?

The is the problem with the demented left, they scold and accuse, say that we are the violent ones. Yet, I don’t see Trump supporters at a Biden rally attacking people that go to hear him (all 10 of them), but I have seen the progressive goon squad, Antifa and others, that attack people daring to understand Trump.

One never hears of a conservative group attacking people going to listen to a progressive speak, if someone wishes to listen to this idiocy, have at it, so long as we don’t have to. Yet go to a campus to hear Shapiro, Michael Knowles, Candace Owen, or someone else, they have to go to the college with security, going to listen, you have to go through a gauntlet of attackers and hecklers, and they accuse us of violence.

Now we see the left, who want to scream about their right to free speech, they seem to think this right only extends to people that agree with them, if you don’t, they feel you have no right to exercise the same freedom they demand.

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