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Liberal Leaders Destroying Our Once Proud Cities

Liberal Leaders Destroying Our Once Proud Cities

We can look around the nation, look to cities that are ran by liberals, you see one common theme, a ramping up of homelessness, crime, murder rates, and drug addictions. We hear all type of excuses for this as the leadership ties the hands of their police, thus taking away the tools for them to fight this, our once proud cities are quickly turning into 3rd world type places with rich enclaves on the outskirts.

A couple of months ago my sister was visiting us, she lives in San Francisco, we were talking about this, the problem of homelessness, theft, and drugs along with the other things that follow in the wake. She is a die-hard liberal, thinks that her city is doing great, Maxine Waters is a great social warrior, but in our conversation, I found quickly where the liberal mindset is.

She works in a business that has its own park fenced off, they have guards at the entrances, that way they can walk through their own little park without dealing with the homeless, then when she is done with work she drives out of the city to a gated community, has to take a ferry home, there is no one allowed in if you are not a resident, there is no homeless problem.

I found it interesting how she thought this was fine, but still had a right to force what she and her other very liberal friends are demand be forced on others, they felt they were above having to deal with it themselves. I quickly figured out how Pelosi and others dealt with this.

While we see San Francisco as a huge problem, the rest of the cities are starting to face the same problem. In New Jersey the crowds are attacking police when they do their jobs, the police seeing that the government doesn’t have their back are quickly finding themselves feeling like they are under siege. Sadly this is going on all over the nation in liberal controlled towns.

In Philadelphia, we saw the video of the police attacked with water balloons, water cannons from citizens as they came to talk to people when they are making arrests they have to bring a whole squad to keep from being attacked. Phili is not the only place, here you have it in Oregon, a Liberal hotbed.

In places like Dearborn, Michigan, you hear of where there is a huge influx of Muslim migration when Christians go there to share what they believe they are attacked, yet you have Muslims running all over the place trying to convert people, and the liberals support this.

While this may seem to be the liberal idea of paradise, I don’t find it as such. In LA due to the liberal policies and rampant homelessness, defecating in the streets, we now hear that there has been an alarming rise of Bubonic plague being found in rats, authorities feel it is only a matter of time until this jumps to people, LA, and other California could face the scourge of the middle ages, all due to their lack of cleanliness as people are using streets for toilets.

Lawlessness is running rampant, the left’s idea is to open up cities, have them as third world hot spots where crime runs rampant, yet they don’t care, they live behind gated homes and communities where they pompously tell us how we are not doing enough.

With places like Chicago, Philadelphia and others quickly becoming more dangerous than war zones, one has to wonder, when will the people finally have enough of this?

Portland is finally seeing some anger, in an article on this FOX noted business are starting to pull out, people are demanding that the government do something to clean up the city. Portland, a city that once was the proud capital of the US of “woke” people, now is quickly turning from a once beautiful city into a homeless cesspool.

The “woke” city is starting to wake up to the problems of decriminalizing drug use, allowing rampant homelessness, the crimes that are following is forcing people to move out.

You have the mentally ill assaulting people, nothing is done, the homeless who don’t bathe, defecate in the streets, are leaving the city with terrible sanitary problems.

These cities are now seeing people fleeing from them as homeless are moving in, liberal policies, while made with good intent are adding to the problem, it is only a matter of time before things explode.

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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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