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Liberals Manipulate Truth To Attack Ice

Liberals Manipulate Truth To Attack Ice

We saw the headlines, yesterday and Sunday, the outrage at ICE for daring to arrest a man who was taking his wife to the hospital to deliver their fifth child. The anger was enormous, there were more calls to ban this institution, but was that the whole story, or was the press once more showing they can manipulate truth when it meets their needs?

First, let’s look at how this was presented:

From the New York Times:

ICE Detained Man Who Was Driving His Pregnant Wife to a Hospital

From CBS:

Lawyer: ICE arrest of man driving pregnant wife to hospital may be case of mistaken identity

The worst part, the New York Times put their story out a day after ICE Released the information that the man was arrested due to a request by Mexico because he was wanted on murder there. We see from them the facts are not what matters, rather by ignoring facts that aren’t convenient they manipulate truth to spread propaganda. I have to say; Gerbils would be proud, looks like they took a lesson from him in this.

What is more, we heard nothing from many of these sites after the facts came out, it was not convenient to their narrative, others decided to only look at the lack of criminal activity while here, then dared to claim he could get citizenship here if he just applied. Once more we see them manipulate truth to meet their needs.

Others focused on just the five children now born by this couple, most likely on our expense, of two parents who should not have been here in the first place, but having five anchor babies they claim that it should be their right to stay here.

Now, in all fairness, some news sites did run articles after the news broke of what he was wanted for, and I would be amiss not to report on this:

ABC ran this headline:

ICE detains California man taking pregnant wife to hospital to deliver baby, says he has criminal warrant in Mexico

But they ran the article that was in sympathy to the illegal immigrants, not a word said about their residing here illegally.

USA Today

ICE says man taken while rushing pregnant wife to hospital is wanted for murder in Mexico

Their whole article did little to look at the murder he was wanted for, the only thing they focused on was the fact he had been here ten years and committed no crimes.

Another ABC site from channel 13

Man arrested while taking pregnant wife to hospital wanted for murder in Mexico, ICE says

What needs to be added here, if you read the story they are dismissive of the charge from Mexico, then go out of their way to blame this arrest on Trump, not that this should be surprising.

Huffington Post

ICE: Man Detained Driving Pregnant Wife To Hospital Was Wanted For Murder

Unsurprisingly Huffington Post focused on the fact that he had committed no crime, that he was the sole breadwinner in the house.

What we have here is not outrage that this man snuck into the US to escape murder charges in Mexico, rather that he did nothing while in the US. And the claim that he has five children now, that these kids should be reason enough not to deport him because they need a father, one has to wonder, what about the murder victims family, did they not need a father?

This also points out some huge problems, anchor babies, the fact that they both had a driver license, how can you get one without showing proof of birth? And why wasn’t the mother arrested, she is equally here illegally?

Next, we look at anchor babies, this should not be an excuse for people to break the law, and Mexico is not the only place doing this, people are now coming from all over the world, as far as Russia and China to have babies here, then head back home, for they know then their babies will be US citizens, even if they should not have been born here in the first place.

Last, since he was the only breadwinner, who takes care of this family? We all know the answer to this, she will get assistance, paid by us the taxpayer, in the end someone whom should not have been here in the first place, because the other parent, who should not have been here as well, is arrested, so we are made to feel we are obligated to take care of them. I say no, send them back to Mexico, let her’s and his family take care of them, happens all the time in the US when a parent goes to prison.

As a parent, I understand this, if I could create a better life for my child by sneaking into a nation with my wife, have her give birth to the child in that country, even if we entered illegally, what parent would not wish to do this? So the guilt is with the parents, but it is very understandable, so how do we stop this?

We need to put in place laws that will make it a requirement for at least one parent to be a US citizen to make a child a US citizen, you take away the incentive; you take away the crime.

We need to look to our candidates, see who has the heart to protect our citizens, not foreigners, something the GOP leadership today is either too cowardly, or suicidal as a party to do anything about it, so they continue to allow this to be. It seems they too are more interested in how to manipulate truth to give the perception of doing something, rather than acting.

Last, we need to hold the press accountable, we need to start boycotting places that are withholding parts of the story to make it into something its not, that is not reporting, that is just salacious gossip, has little truth and a whole lot of fiction, has little interest in fact, rather on how to manipulate truth to meet their goal.  This isn’t reporting, this is propaganda.

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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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