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Outrage Over Trump Labeling MS-13 “Animals”

Outrage Over Trump Labeling MS-13 “Animals”

Yesterday and the day before we saw outrage by the press, Trump dared to call someone an animal, soon it had spun out of control, the talking heads on the liberal news sites were outraged that Trump dared call all illegal immigrants animals, but the reality is he never said this, but then the truth to these people is of little importance, why stick to the truth when you can get so much more traction out of a lie? While I did fell outrage, how dare Trump call MS-13 animals, but that was because I grew up on a farm, animals are not anything like these “animals”, they may kill for food, some of them will even play with their prey before they kill them, but what these MS-13 members do, it goes past what an animal would do and into an area that is much, much darker.

Outrage Over Trump Calling MS-13 “Animals.”

In the latest move from the loony left, you hear outrage over our President calling the MS-13 members animals, feigning outrage that he would dare respond in a such a way to these cowardly criminals.
I have to admit, I look at the responses of the left, find the outrage over daring to call these people animals, somehow that seems to be enough to make the left jump up in their defense, “These are human beings, not animals!” they scream, Trump psychosis taking control of all their common sense.
But one has to ask, why is the left so offended, this is the same group that has crimes every bit as bad as ISIS, dismembering, cutting out hearts, stabbing people to death with hundreds of deaths, calling for mass attacks and killing of cops, intimidating the local immigrant community. This is not the actions of a worthy group, sure not one of any civilized group, these people actually act worse then animals, no animal would ever even treat their prey in such a manner, but because Trump said this the left now is feigning moral outrage.

So let’s take a look at just 2017 what this group did:

This is just to name a few of their notorious attacks, yet the left feels they are mandated to stick up for these animals. I am old school, I hope the police get hold of all of them, don’t care if they take them dead or alive, actually dead is preferable, then I don’t have to worry about my taxes being wasted on these useless pieces of humanity. While I am a strong law and justice person, I am beginning to wonder if it may be time for the people in the communities so hard hit from these thugs to rise up and take care of some vigilante justice,  these cowards, like all cowards, will run when they see that the forces coming against them are stronger then they are. Sadly, the only thing these animals understand is violence, maybe it is time to dish some back.

I think the US would be well served, so would the nations these criminals are coming from if we put a federal death sentence on anyone that is caught coming into this nation that is found with affiliation with these gangs. If you are caught crossing the border, we have a nice cot and needle for you. Naturally, this will cause outrage, but then who cares, if we sneeze the wrong way it will cause it too. I personally am tired of these bleeding heart liberals, when they decide to move in these gang members to live next door to them, then I will start to care, for I will then know they are really crazy or just stupid.

The Leftist Press Reaction

But how does the left respond, why not look at their comments.

New York Times, the bastion of fake news went a step further, they took out MS-13 and lied saying that Trump said this of all undocumented immigrants.

But this wasn’t good enough, a tweet would not do, they then proceeded to write a story with the same fake line, leaving out the fact that he was only referring to MS-13. Washington Post then ran the story, have since taken it down, something NY Times refuses to do.

Not to be outdone ABC tweeted this:

To their credit, AP and CNN ran with the story, but then when looking further at it retweeted this correcting their earlier tweet:

The problem is the damage was already done, they ran this on live news, then said nothing, only tweeted a retraction, one has to wonder, how many got this?

We have seen time after time dishonest reporting, lies by omission as we do this time, but things have gotten so bad if Trump says something, no matter how sensible it is, the left goes into a complete meltdown, and then sites like these wonder why their numbers are at rock bottom, no one trusts them any longer.


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