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Paris Climate Accord Falling Apart. Why Trump Pulled Out!

Paris Climate Accord Falling Apart. Why Trump Pulled Out!

The complaint that the left had over Trump pulling us out of the Paris Climate Accord was that the conservative right was lying when they said the treaty was nothing but a scheme to transfer assets from the rich to the developing nations, as it turned out, it just happened to be true.

This last week developed nations, along with China, started to attack France, Britain, and other developed countries for not transferring cash for carbon credits to the developing nations that were part of the Paris Climate Accords.

The nations being attacked then returned the attack, said the developing countries were not doing enough to hold up their end of the deal. Not surprisingly it was China, one of the worst offenders, leading this charge.

The reason for this, and one of the reasons that Trump pulled out of the agreement, was the policy of article 5 of the climate accords, the payment of money to nations with carbon credits was supposed to aid emerging countries in developing their nation’s ability to combat carbon emissions.

According to the agreement, nations would get a credit for forest and other such means that clear carbon from the air, the nations that did not have these would be billed for how much carbon they were adding to the world ecosystem, they then had two options, they could pay trillions, or restructure their economy to become greener.

Here lies the problem, the undeveloped nations with the largest carbon credits force the developed nations to buy out their credits, thus transferring trillions of dollars to these poor nations, but these nations were not obligated under the accords to invest this money into making their nations greener.

Further, nations that were the worst offenders, such as Russia, China, and others, had their carbon payments suspended for a while putting pressure on them to join the accord. However, they were able to still collect money from their credits for national resources such as forests.

The chief complaint was those wealthy nations, rather than give the money to developing nations as grants, wanted to have aid along with low-interest loans they hand out to be counted. The emerging nations said this was not acceptable. They wanted all the money given as grants, thus incurring zero debt and the money received was basically free.

The global warming index the Paris Climate Accords were trying to achieve was negligible at best, but that was never the goal of these accords; it was a massive wealth transfer agreement where rich nations would transfer trillions to emerging countries, supposedly to aid in their fight against global warming.

Sadly the reality with this, as seems to be the way with these things, the Paris Climate Accords was not what it looked like, but there needed to be a way to disguise what was being done to prevent the masses from rejecting this, so they made a wealth transfer scheme into an environmental treaty.

We see once more as the Paris Climate Accords seem to be unraveling why Trump said it was a worthless agreement and pulled us out of it. This is another of the many wins for Trump, a victory that the leftist press will do all they can to hide this from the American public, it will do them no good to have the people see that once more Trump was right.

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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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