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Pelosi Making Another Move To Remove Trump, Forcing Him Out With The 25th Amendment.

Pelosi Making Another Move To Remove Trump, Forcing Him Out With The 25th Amendment.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi made a dramatic announcement during her weekly press conference Thursday by telling reporters that she intends to discuss a constitutional measure to remove President Trump from office, following questions regarding Trump’s health as he recovers from coronavirus.

In what would be unprecedented, the president’s mental health is not in question; she is saying due to COVID, she and the government have a legal right to remove him.

The 25th Amendment allows for the vice president to become acting president if is determined that the president “is unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office.”

It seems she has forgotten; the Vice President has to be willing to go along with this. Once more, we see an abuse of power by the speaker; having a virus is not a reason to remove someone from the office any more than having a common cold, but she will try.

“Crazy Nancy is the one who should be under observation,” he said. “They don’t call her Crazy for nothing!”

Pelosi had earlier questioned the status of Trump’s health, as well as exactly how long he has had COVID-19.

“I think that the public needs to know the health condition of the President,” Pelosi said. “There’s one question that he refused to answer … when was his last negative test?” Pelosi said that this information is necessary in order to “make a judgment about the actions that were taken after that.”

“Let us see a date, a time when you last tested negative,” she added.

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The 25th Amendment requires a declaration of the president’s inability from the vice president and either a majority of either the heads of executive branch departments “or of such other body as Congress may by law provide,” to be sent to the speaker of the house and then the VP has to sign off on it.

Speaker of the House–in this case, Pelosi–and the president pro tempore of the Senate–currently Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa.

Here is the problem, both she and Grassley could agree on this, which would never happen, but she still has to get Vice President Pence to go along, which will has a zero chance of succeeding.

We are not only seeing the intent of the left now, we also see that if they retain control of the House, this will be what we will face over the next four years.

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