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Progressives Protest Stimulus Money Going to Synagogues And Churches

Progressives Protest Stimulus Money Going to Synagogues And Churches

On this Easter day, churches used to be filled with worshipers, but now they find themselves empty, finances aren’t coming in, putting these places at risk. This is fine with many on the left; they are not pushing to crush these places, close them down because they don’t hold to their liberal worldview.

In a move that no longer is surprising, the outrage from the Left over stimulus money going to synagogues and churches, who have had to shutter their doors, is nothing short of an atrocity for them. What is most interesting about this outrage, Mosques are included in this, all three are not able to pull in tithes to cover operating costs since they have been told to close their doors, but for some odd reason, the only two that seems to cause outrage are the churches and synagogues.

What many are not understanding, or they don’t care, these organizations have a business plan, just like any other business, this relies upon a congregation coming to the services, to tithe, thus giving them capital to pay mortgages, utilities, and to pay for people that work within the organizations.

Unsurprisingly leading this attack are LGBT groups, which say if religious organizations are not willing to drop their opposition to same-sex marriage, they should not be eligible to receive any funding from the federal government.

We see others, due to many on the right don’t wish to support the murder of the infants still in the womb, they take this as a right to attack churches to strip them of their right to receive findings. As time goes on, this seems to be picking up steam.

We have seen an anti-religion bias from the left. Still, more so then an anti-religion bias, this seems to be focused on one group, in particular, it is more anti-Christian bigotry, they wish to do everything in their power to shut down churches, they openly admit that Christianity is an enemy to the morals they hold dear, well, unless they want to suddenly become pious and say they are praying for someone as they stab them in the back.

What we are seeing is a systematic attack by the loony left for everything this nation has held dear, what we have considered right and just, they are now attacking as evil, vile, something that needs to be destroyed, crushed at all cost. I often hear from others; we need to find a commonality. Still, I ask, when you are seen as having nothing but evil values, the nation you love is seen by the other side as a vile thing that needs to be destroyed, how do you rectify, or come to common terms with such people?

This nation is rapidly approaching a conflict, as the left grows in confidence, you will see more and more what we see as a right, the right to assemble, to worship as we please, free speech and thought, this is seen as evil by the opposing side, I ask, what is there to meet up with when nothing you hold dear is seen as worthwhile by the other side?

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