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Republican Hyde-Smith Wins Easily

Republican Hyde-Smith Wins Easily

In a race that was hotly contested, the DNC wanting to close down the lead the GOP held in the Senate put resources and manpower behind their candidate, Mike Espy. During the campaign, everything said by Hyde-Smith was accused of racism, everything stated was under attack, that her parents sent her to an all-girls school with white students was seen as somehow her fault, thus there were claims of racism here as well.

Due to the constant leftist attacks the race tightened up, then Trump came to campaign for her in the last days prior to the special election, as we have seen with each Senator that he campaigned for, she won, thus giving him a 100% mark of success in having people he campaigned for winning the election.

Hyde-Smith, a former state senator and state Agriculture secretary, was appointed by Gov. Phil Bryant last spring to fill the seat vacated by ailing Sen. Thad Cochran. Her win Tuesday to serve out the last two years of Cochran’s term made history, as she became the first elected female lawmaker to represent the state in Washington.

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But her path to victory wasn’t an easy one, even in this deeply conservative state where no Democrat has won statewide office since 1982. Though Hyde-Smith failed to meet the 50 percent threshold she needed on Nov. 6 to avoid a runoff against Espy, she had been strongly favored to win the election as recently as two weeks ago.

On Monday, President Donald Trump flew to the Mississippi for two last-minute rallies in Tupelo and Biloxi, two of the most conservative cities in the state, as part of a GOP effort to make the election less about Hyde-Smith and more about Trump, who won the state by 17 points two years ago and remains popular. That coincided with a mailer issued by the Mississippi Republican Party that urged the GOP faithful to turn and vote. It featured a photo of Trump, but not Hyde-Smith.

Speaking to supporters at her election night party, Hyde-Smith made a passing reference to the racial controversies. “The reason we won is Mississippians know me, and they know my heart,” she said. “This victory, it’s about our conservative values and the things that mean the most to all of us in Mississippi.”

What we saw was a path to taking back the house in 2020, also with the number of vacancies the house faced, the GOP lost the house, but this could be a blessing in disguise. The left came in, with their resistance movement they are going to tie up the next two years with nothing being done, his will look favorably for the GOP come the election, not to mention Trump can use their resistance to show why nothing has been done.

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