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Strzok Stuck In Congress As GOP Leaders Expose His Lies

Strzok Stuck In Congress As GOP Leaders Expose His Lies

Yesterday in a heated confrontation between Congress and anti-Trump FBI agent Peter Strzok was heated, the Democrats in a typical manner stuck up for him, the GOP blasted him for his obvious bias while Strzok tried to pull straight out of the Liberal Playbook victimization as he wanted to paint himself as one.

In a heated exchange in the 9-hour hearing while Strzok claimed he did not feel it was right for members of Congress to say there was bias in the investigation of Clinton or his handling of the investigation into the Russian collusion case. When he came out playing the victim due to Rep. Gowdy confronting him for bias, the GOP members weren’t buying it.

In the conversation Rep. Gowdy asked if he was kicked off the investigation due to bias, Strzok said no, it had nothing to do with bias, rather a perception of bias. When he told Gowdy that he did not appreciate Rep. Gowdy said he was ejected from the case Reb Gowdy responded by telling him. “I don’t give a damn what you think!”

What has to be noted, Strzok stated that he was outraged over Trump’s comments to the gold star family, the Khan’s, but seems he forgot, this same family was the one that took the national stage to politically attack Trump. Had they not been inv0lved in attacks, I would have been outraged as well, but once you choose to step into the political field, attack a candidate you don’t politically agree with, the family,  opened themselves up for attack, to claim they were immune because they are a gold star family is just nonsense and political theater.

One of the most shocking statements of the day showed how much disdain members of the Democratic party have for our soldiers who sacrifice so much for this nation. This was done by Rep. Cohen who in his praise of Strzok said he deserved a purple heart due to the backlash he has endured due to his actions.

To belittle the award in such a manner is both disgusting and shows the lack of respect for our soldiers who have sacrificed both limbs and life for this nation, comparing what Strzok did to the sacrifices of these people is unacceptable, we hope that he never gets another vote from members who wore the uniform.

As an American Rep. Cohen makes my blood boil by such insensitive remarks, acting like Strzok did something noble, as a person with Jewish blood in me, I find it embarrassing that one of my own could be so stupid and disrespectful.

The whole game of political posturing was both fascinating and outright disgusting to watch. We all know that if the left had found this type of bias would have been directed against one of their own, they would have screamed to the high heavens over what they saw as unfair judgement against one of their own, but because Strzok supported the Democrats, they found his actions so angelic in nature, the only reason the mean GOP members were attacking him was due to their attempts to paint the Russian Probe in a bad light.

I walked away with more disgust that the FBI, a venerated organization while under the direction of both Mueller and Comey, took this venerated organization and brought it back to the days of Hoover where it was used corruptly to blackmail and try to dig up political dirt on people.

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I find myself saddened for the many members of the FBI who have served nobly to have their work tainted in such a way; history will not judge either of these directors kindly, one can only hope that both the Justice Department and FBI can shake this mantle of corruption off their shoulders.

Strzok will have his day of Justice, one can hope, but he is not alone, under Obama we saw this corrupting influence move from the Justice Department and the FBI to our intel agencies, the State Department and other areas of the government. The fact some of this overwhelming corruption has been cleaned up in such a short period of times speaks to the job our President is doing, but it also shows that this job is far from done. Things will get worse as these “Swamp Animals” fight as they see the waters being drained, hold on your seat folks, it is going to get bumpy.

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Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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