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Supreme Court Hears Double Jeopardy Case While Senate Takes On Prison Reform

Supreme Court Hears Double Jeopardy Case While Senate Takes On Prison Reform

We have all heard of the case where someone caught with drugs gets double the time of someone caught molesting a child, we sit back and wonder, where is the justice in that? But further, today the way the law is set up, if you are charged in a state court, and you win the case, or the federal government does not think your sentence was long enough, if you are guilty of a crime that is both prosecuted in state and federal courts, you can be hauled in and sentenced in a federal court for the same crime again. The ramifications of the Senate going over prison reform is much needed, but the case going before the supreme court not only is looking to protect people from double jeopardy but will also significantly increase the Presidents power to veto.

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Senate Hearings on Prison Reform

Right now we have a system that is not very balanced; there are laws put on the books that are not allowing the release of inmates that have shown they are rehabilitated to halfway houses or supervised release, thus clogging up worse an already overcrowded prison system. But there is more; we need to look at the crimes committed, see if the sentence imposed on them is just. A great example is if you are caught with a pound of Marijuana, you are most likely going to be sentenced to a far greater sentence then someone who has molested or raped children, there is no justice in this, the sentencing guidelines need to reflect on this reality.

We also hear cries that the prison system is somehow unjust because African Americans are much higher in numbers than Caucasians, but as I had shown with crime statistics in my article Is America Racist this is shown to be due to the higher number of violent crimes by African American males. When just 6% of the population is committing over 50% of all murders and Robberies, over 1/3 of all rapes and aggravated assaults, it then would be reasonable that if they are committing much higher numbers of these crimes then anyone else, they will be more represented in prison.

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Supreme Court Hearing on Double Jeopardy

The greater implications will come from the hearing with the Supreme Court over an individual that was charged in both state courts, then the federal courts, thus bring up the problem with double jeopardy. The left is having a fit that this is being brought up, not because they find this practice just, more due to the implications on the Meuller investigation could be far-reaching. What Meuller has done to try to stop the president from being able to pardon anyone is get the states involved. Thus they can bring up charges if the president pardons, this case if ruled in favor of it would stop this practice.

We have heard that Meuller is careful not to make charges the states could pick up, thus if Trump pardons the states then can pick up a separate charge, but that is easily handleable, just as Ford did with Nixon, pardon all crimes around what Nixon left, thus making it so no charges could be brought up later.

The Democrats were at first happy to see this case brought forward, but now are unhappy because the rights of the people mean far less to them then their attempts to obstruct our president. Thus we see the pettiness of Washington in full display. It turns out the people screaming the loudest about justice reform now want nothing to do with it because it is standing in the way of their attempts to unseat Trump.


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