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Teacher Reportedly Attacks 12-Year-Old for Trump Support, Calls Trump ‘Racist’ and ‘Pedophile’

Teacher Reportedly Attacks 12-Year-Old for Trump Support, Calls Trump ‘Racist’ and ‘Pedophile’

If you are still wondering how “President Trump” can happen and could very well happen again, these past few months have provided lots of examples. Like when Big Tech companies censor bad news for Trump’s opponent, while Trump’s opponent praises them for doing so. Then you have teachers attacking students for saying nice things about the president of the United States and getting away with it. Yes, “getting away with it.” Because unless they are fired and prevented from being around students, as they would be if they lashed out at a student praising a Democrat, they got away with it.

Oh, but she apologized. For telling a class full of twelve-year-olds that their president is a racist and *checks notes* a pedophile? The racist part is common amongst leftist douchebags, but pedophile? Did the teacher confuse Trump with Joe Biden? Biden is the one who should probably be kept away from twelve-year-olds. He’s too attracted by the scent. Trump is the one who presided over an amazing economy before the ‘rona hit.

But the teacher apologized and is probably having a party thrown for her by the teachers’ union. Because there are two sets of rules: one for progressives tw*ts and one for literally every other American. This is why “Vote Trump Because F*ck You” is a popular sentiment — one that could very well re-elect him.

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