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Teflon Don Driving The Left Crazy

Teflon Don Driving The Left Crazy

I have to admit, that looking over stories I had to laugh, you had GOP never Trumpers along with the Democrats complaining that they could not get a handle on Trump, he was not doing things the “Washington Way,” due to this they were losing their insanity.

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Cartoon by Gary Varvel


One of the things that are driving the left and some within the GOP crazy is the move by the Trump administration to undo what in many cases are years of regulation to relax the economy and cause growth.

For the last 40 years, the policy agenda has been the Republican agenda: deregulation, privatization, entitlement reform, the flat tax, school vouchers, private social security accounts, free markets, free trade, etc. No matter which party was in power, that was what we implemented or what we argued about – both here and all over the western world.

Through it all, the identity of the Democratic Party tended to be one of nebulous opposition. If you were to the left of whatever the Republicans were doing – whether a little bit to the left or way over on the far left, the Democrats were the party for you. For the most part, Democrats didn’t bother to offer much more definition than that of who they were and what they thought.

This is where the Left lost, they would then, even now, show they were the opposition, but all they have for reasons is an AOC like mantra, if we don’t fix the environment, put in massive regulations, stick the governments nose in every house, every business, give no choice but to spend everything you have to meet what they demand, we are doomed within 12 years.

I always find this interesting, kind of reminds me of the religious groups in the past that sat down, had their leaders make great and complicated predictions come to the belief that the world would end at a certain time, or for Christians, Jesus would return, they would sell all they have, then meet in a field or a mountain top, guess that would get them to heaven faster, yet nothing happened, they walked back broke with nothing to show for it. This is where the left is.

We have had at last, not promises of a better economy, while the rest of the world is stagnant, hanging on to the ways we ourselves took in the past, we are growing at record paces, our unemployment levels are at record lows for African Americans, Hispanics, Asians, and women, yet the left is acting like this is a terrible thing, and it is, for them. By so doing, Trump has gone against what both sides of the political spectrum said was the new normal, shattered that glass ceiling and not only grew out of it but also thundered up until their ceiling became just a speck in the distance.

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Teflon Donald

Teflon Donald

This seems to be the next thing that is driving the never Trump crowd and the DNC crazy, they can’t find any dirt to stick on Trump, it all seems to roll off like he was made of Teflon. I find part of this amusing, they keep slinging mud, Trump comes out looking like a shiny new penny.

We see effort after effort to cover him in mud, yet in the end, it is the ones slinging that end up looking dirty, not him. When I was younger grew up with two rough and tumble older brothers, had to learn to fight in a hurry, but learned long ago, if you go around throwing manure at someone, there is a great chance you will get some on you, if you miss, the only one smelling bad will be you.

It was due to this, I quickly learned when to fight and when to walk away was much more important than fighting every time. There were times, no matter how badly I wanted to give a good old fashioned butt whooping, I just got mine handed to me, after a while I learned, it is better to walk away, take your lumps, then to keep repeating the process, against some it simply was a no-win situation, this is how it is with Trump, they keep fighting, yet they are the ones that end up smelling bad, yet they seem to not learn.

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Trump Refuses To Buy Into Their Narrative

A good example of this is the environment. It is not that Trump is anti-environment, he more is walking a fine line, a balancing act between protecting the environment and protecting a business. I would venture to guess, if you polled the majority of Americans, they would say the same, we need to protect one, but not at the expense of the other, we need to find that fine line where we protect one yet enable the mechanism of growth to continue with the other.

Another thing that these people are so desperate to pin Teflon Donald with is the charge that he is racist, yet demand evidence of this you get things like the Muslim Ban, his refusal to allow unlimited migration. When I ask the same people, would you allow a radical Muslim to move in next door to you if you knew your kids could be at risk, would you? They say no, then try to qualify it by asking, “How would they or I know if they are radical?” I always answer, “Exactly! That is why the ban is so important, we have no means of properly vetting these people.

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It is the same with the illegals, Trump has never said he is for halting immigration, just illegal. As we can see from the crises on our southern border, over a million of these illegals are expected to be apprehended this year, this is quickly exploding into a European type crisis.

Just three months ago you had the left leaders and the press scoffing at Trump, said his complaints about the Southern Border were nothing but a made up lie, now they can no longer do this, so like ostriches, they are trying to hide their heads, hoping if they ignore what they refused to fix, the damage of their policy will not stick with them. Yet, these same politicians are now starting to feel the pressure from this by their very own constituents.

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Last is the Russian Collusion Delusion, the promises by Shifty Shift and Mad Maxine that they had evidence, we would see it soon enough, Trump was gone, it was no longer if, just when. Turns out they had nothing, other than their pipe dreams, and that dream itself was nothing other than a cheap rated B movie, not worth wasting your time on.

As these politicians are quickly becoming a laughing stock, viewers are fleeing from the leftist controlled news sites, the left is desperate to prolong their misery, reminds me of a condemned convict trying to postpone their execution, they know it is coming, they hope to continue to put it off until it is forgotten.

We are seeing the end of many institutions, CNN, once the greatest news site there was, now is just a shadow of what it was, has no public trust any longer, meanwhile FOX, which has its own set of problems, is rising due to its refusal to buy into every conspiracy theory from the left.

Things will get better, if I was a betting man, I would put money on a shake-up in CNN over the next year, expect something either this winter or next spring, they simply can’t continue these number drops and continue to be viable.

MSNBC, along with the other leftist sites are doing to have to figure out how to bring a better program with a less political slant, or they will continue to lose viewers until they have little left in that way as well, this is not how investors expect to see investments pan out.

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