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The Shut-Down Continues

The Shut-Down Continues

We have seen it on the news, the Democrats and some of the outgoing GOP members who are opposed to the wall will not give the votes to pass a spending bill that will partially fund the wall, so Trump has said, no funding, no signing of a bill, a shut-down would happen.

No one should find this surprising, Trump told everyone with the last bill, he would sign that one with no funding for a wall because of the needs of the military, but he would never sign another one with no funding, thus the shut-down commenced

It turns out the Democrats and GOP members opposed to Trump never understood that he was serious about this demand, now they are finding out how serious he is.

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Trump further pushed this when the immigration bill came forward, he at that time stated he would sign no bill without funding for a wall, once more the Democrats and Never-Trumpers challenged him on this and ended up with no bill. I find it rather funny, here are the Democrats who pass billions of dollars worth of pork for each bill they pass, the GOP I may add, is no better.

The funny thing is, the Democrats and some GOP members are screaming about the cost of the wall, yet we saw in 2017 over $6.8 billion spent on pork spending projects by members of the Senate and Congress, but now they are yelling over wasteful spending?

Our representatives, who now are screaming over what they call wasteful spending, since 2005 and have doubled pork spending from 3.2 billion to over double, which they are spending now. Turns out outrage over wasteful spending for our representatives is rather selective, isn’t it?

The Democrats are going to try to spin this on Trump, polling right now shows the majority of people blame Trump for this, but if he starts to appeal to the people, the left is going to be in serious jeopardy of losing support as the new Congress comes into power.

We will start to see polling do what it has done in the past, begin to slip against Congress as people see they are the ones refusing to compromise, until then let the shutdown continue.

Since our military is funded with a two-year spending bill, I think Trump should stick to his guns, say no deal unless the spending he wants for the wall is included.

The Democrats will try to pass the blame onto Trump, this will work for the short term, but as this goes on, people will start to see that they are the ones refusing to deal, they will start to find their support eroding, soon they will have little choice but to deal. They will find the idea of a shut-down loosing more and more appeal as time goes on.

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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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