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Trump, Brett Favre Speak for Many Americans: Keep Politics Out of Sports!

Trump, Brett Favre Speak for Many Americans: Keep Politics Out of Sports!

Sports used to be a place we could turn to as a break from reality. Unless you’re a New York Jets fan, where your reality is always terrible. Sports used to be something that united us and can still do that when it’s allowed to. But it’s 2020, where the left doesn’t want you to enjoy anything. If it’s a platform, it must be used to promote progressive politics unless you want to be called an -ist or be accused of some kind of -ism. Many have accused both the NBA and the NFL of siding with a small group of activists over the rest of Americans who want to simply watch a game without being beaten over the head with a political agenda worse than the Jets get beaten on the gridiron. President Trump has tried pushing back against this, and at a recent town hall, he got backup: NFL Hall of Famer Brett Favre.

Here’s my thing. Athletes have the same right to speak out about issues that bloggers too. I’m not a “shut up and play” or “shut up about politics” guy. We’re all Americans. The problem is when industries (leagues, sports media, etc.) not only take a side and take a partisan side but focus more attention on it than the actual sport. It’s not just the NBA and NFL pandering to a Marxist political organization. Think about it for a second. How many of you have read an article or seen a tweet about sports during the pandemic, and the “sports” reporter sounded like they were rooting AGAINST sports reopening again? How many times have you turned on ESPN and thought you accidentally had MSNBC on? Yet Americans who want to have a three-hour break from everything going on in the world with their favorite team and a few beers are the ones “othered” and looked down upon.

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But hey, this is America. Just like athletes have the right to speak out, leagues and sports media have a right to create whatever content they like. They also have the right to deal with the plummeting ratings as a result of those decisions.

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