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Trump Once More Shows There Is No War On Women!

Trump Once More Shows There  Is No War On Women!

I remember the day after Trump was elected you had women come on TV and tell their audience now that Trump was elected abortions were done, women’s equality was going to be set back by 50 years, his war on women was going to be like nothing ever seen. But I must say, their rhetoric a year later and the facts simply show there is no connection to reality with these claims. 

This may be one of the most interesting and flat out lie the left has spread yet, personally I think it is to cover for their war on women, but it has no truth behind it, if anything Trump has given women more chances to advance under him then we have yet seen. 

When Trump was running for office, he did what no one, even Clinton herself never did, put a woman in charge of his election team, yet the left has ignored this, in fact, attack the person he put in this position, Kellyanne Conway, and why? Well, she was with Trump, that was all the reason these hypocrites needed. 

Now we see once more with vacancies coming through after Trump let Sec. of State Tillerson go due to a difference of opinion over North Korea, Iran, and the moving of our embassy to Jerusalem, and more, it was him calling Trump a moron, a point of disrespect that I, when I had about a hundred employees in my business years ago would have fired someone over. While it is ok to have points of difference, that is what makes a great team, you have different perspectives coming in, disparaging the head of the state, or business for that matter by publically letting others know you think they are a moron, to be frank, I was somewhat surprised that he kept him on this long.  I think the conflict of the difference of opinions was too high. 

So what did Trump do, what he always does, makes a quick change, that is what is needed in a dynamic world, be quick in your assessments and make a move ASAP! When the choice to fire was put in place, Trump took from his team within, promoted upwards based on qualifications and jumped on it. The fact that he just appointed the first woman leader of the CIA, Gina Haspel, something the press if Obama would have done would have lauded him as the president who freed women from the final shackles women faced, were silent, this does not fit into their narrative, so it is ignored and focus more on the fake collusion story, that is the mantra of the phony press today. 

The few articles that did pay attention to the advancement did so to question her past, the fact that she has never denounced torture, her ties to both the Bush Administration and her long ties to the intel community, this is so stupid it makes no sense to me, but then whoever said the left needs to make sense? My personal opinion on torture is rather basic, if you can get the answers you need from idiots who are cutting off people’s heads, selling women into slavery, slaughtering a whole people due to their faith by torture, they should be happy we are only torturing them. I am sorry, I have no qualms about this, do what you need to do to get the information you need. 

But back to Trump; we have seen while Trump can be crass, he can demean, call names, that is his way, I would rather deal with this than someone with a silver tongue and gets nothing is done (like we witnessed for eight years before Trump). He has put around him what may be the most qualified staff we have ever seen if disagreements come up that he finds not fitting within what he wants to be done, he makes a quick change and moves on. This is not how Washington has ever been run, but this is how most of the business has been run, at least the ones that are successful. It is this unpredictability, the lack of concern over gender, race or faith that is driving the establishment mad, they have been so focused on this they have no understanding of promoting the best, it always has more to do with visual than substance for them. 

With a new acting Sec of State, Head of the Intel community we are seeing more of Washington being slowly set up as Trump wishes, regardless of the fighting back from the deep state, there will be losses, there is in every campaign, but I would say in this war against the deep state Trump has sloughed off ever attack and is continuing on his quest to Make America Great Again!

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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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