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Two Rulings, Two Wins For Life And National Security

Two Rulings, Two Wins For Life And National Security

Life and national security won yesterday with rulings from the High Court; these decisions were not only a win for the president but our nation and all of us as well.

Yesterday was a great day for not only Trump in his quest to make this nation great, but we also saw the courts shut down the dictatorial law set up by California Democrats trying to force pro-clinics to be advertising centers for Planned Parenthood or shut down.

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Not sure where they get their statement from, should be murder at any cost

Ruling for Life

The ruling for life was a case of free speech where California’s Crisis Pregnancy Center Law was forcing Pro-Life groups to hand out material supporting abortion and to have the material not only displayed predominantly in their lobby; it required the places to have a sign that read,

California has public programs that provide immediate free or low cost access to comprehensive family planning service, including FDA approved methods of contraceptives, prenatal care, and abortion for eligible women. To determine if you qualify contact the county social services at *** *** ****.”

The law did not stop here; it also forced the pro-life groups to print at a certain size, display the information where they dictated, and to hand out flyers to every person that visited them with pamphlets with the same information, the font and size of text here were dictated to these groups as well.

Where the problem was is Planned Parenthood had their hooks into the California legislator enough that they were able to attack the pro-life groups and force them under state law to advertise for them. Needless to say this was not very well received by the pro-life groups, they took this to court, lost in the lower courts, then in the 9th circuit court of appeals (not that this should be too uprising, this is the same court that has time after time tried to legislate from the bench), finally reached the Supreme Court where the ruling was given out this week.

“After all, the law must be evenhanded,” Breyer said in a dissenting opinion joined by his liberal colleagues, Justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan.

“California cannot co-opt the licensed facilities to deliver its message for it,” Thomas wrote for himself, Chief Justice John Roberts and Justices Anthony Kennedy, Samuel Alito and Neil Gorsuch. He called the requirement for unlicensed centers “unjustified and unduly burdensome.”

Justice Thomas said this law was a move that was seen by totalitarian nations that try to stifle any speech they find goes against their ideology, he said the state claimed this was due to their “Forward Thinking”, but that was the case, if you wished to use “Foreword Thinking”, begin by first reading the first amendment where free speech is guaranteed, as was ratified in 1791. This type of response is almost unheard of from the highest court. He went on to say that they needed to understand what the founding fathers recognized as authoritarian government and their moves to stop this from happening here.

The abortion-rights group NARAL Pro-Choice California was a prime sponsor of the California law. NARAL contends that the centers mislead women about their options and try to pressure them to forgo abortion. Estimates of the number of crisis pregnancy centers in the U.S. run from 2,500 to more than 4,000, compared with fewer than 1,500 abortion providers, women’s rights groups said in a Supreme Court filing.

NARAL president Ilyse Hogue said in a statement after Tuesday’s decision that the Supreme Court had “turned its back on women and condoned the deceptive tactics used by fake women’s health centers.”

It is a great day for America where leftist groups have infiltrated the governments of some states to such an extent that the states now are passing laws to push their agenda, the courts saw this as a violation of free speech, today not only did America win but so did the fight for life!

Exterior view of the Supreme Court, Washington, D.C.

Travel Ban Upheld

There is also the case where the “Travel Ban” or the Enhanced Vetting that prohibited migration from some nations in the Middle East and in North Korea where due to lack of vetting migration here was banned.

The fact that North Korea was included, which has no Muslims in its borders, put an end to the nonsensical claim that this was a Muslim Ban, not to mention that the only 5 Muslim nations were included with this, the most populous Muslim nations were not even included in this. This law was more set up as a means to vet out individuals wishing to migrate to the US, the lack of ability to have the nations they came from to vet out the people that applied, and for the US to use that information later while determining if these people would be allowed in or not.

Like the first ruling today, this case was not a narrow ruling, it went into the right of the president both under the statute and the constitution to have the authority to put in place this enhanced vetting.

The constitution and the Immigration and Naturalization Act give the president this right, the president has broad discretion to put in place laws as he sees fit, there was no conflict with the none discrimination issue concerning the handing out of visa’s, although the “resistance” is now claiming the courts ignored the Establishment clause, and Trump’s statutory authority, but the courts found contrary to this claim.

Once more we saw the Supreme Court overturn the 9th Circuit Court, the court that is the most political court in the nation with their findings always leaning towards the liberal view of things.

While this was a victory for Trump and the GOP, this was more two significant victories for justice, the rule of law and protect our right to free speech, even if special interest groups within a state disagree with our position.

Yesterday I wrote how Obama and Holder’s attempt to halt the GOP from putting the congressional districts back to what they were prior to the Democrats reworking them to give the left an advantage in assigning both state and federal representatives with Supreme Court Overrules Holder and Obama In Gerrymandering Cases, today we the people were once more winners as the high court upheld the law of the land, it is sad though that Obama’s appointees and the left-leaning Judges on the court determined to support ideology over law.

The left is outraged over these rulings, calls for protest and marches are called. I think these people have no clue that the Supreme Court could care less about protests, they rule on the law, not public opinion. What is more, the head of the DNC was ignorant enough to try to say that Trump must have paid off a member or members of the Supreme Court:

If nothing else gives us an impetuous to vote come November, this should, the left wants to continue obstructing Trump and halt what they see as his transformation of the courts back to what they used to be, not the activist courts that we have now.

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