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War With North Korea. Part 1

War With North Korea. Part 1

War With North Korea: What would it look Like?

What would a war with North Korea look like, would China be pulled in, would it be a cakewalk? We build a hypothetical story, then present a possible way such a war could be fought.

By the DMZ in North Korea

The elderly couple were used to the military traffic as they moved over the gravel roads not far from the North Korea border with the South, but then they had been a militarized nation for the last 70 years, complaining over what was, it never did any good and usually ended up with a KPA Political officer visiting you, a scolding at best would follow, usually there was a beating that would follow, and that was if you were lucky, if they were in a foul mood, you could end up in a reeducation camp or worse, never be seen again.
Getting off the road, they watched as the political officers, always riding in between formations were glaring at all the soldiers, leaving no doubt over who held the power, for good measure each one would glance at them, a snarl of contempt on their face, the poor, elderly couple trying to shrink back further in the woods, they wanted no part of this, silently willing the convoy to hurry on past. The soldiers moved on; they had to arrive at their destination before the Imperialist satellites were overhead to catch them and track their movement.
The most startling thing was near the end of the formation were huge transport trucks, the North Korean fears a strike to take out their nukes were moving the mobile ones throughout the country, they knew if the Americans struck with their hated Stealth bombers, they would see nothing and not even know they were there until they heard the scream of a GBU 28 or GBU-37 were hurtling through the night sky to strike the hardened launch sites, they did not need to take out the missile sitting there, they only needed to penetrate the lids of the silo’s, dig into the concrete, wedge them in place, even with a rocket power assist in opening, these would not be doing anything, then the hated Americans could come with their silent bombers, take out the missiles at their leisure.
Little known to the North Korean’s high in the sky flew a bat-winged drone, s0 stealthy it was not picked up on their radar, the RQ-180 stealth drone out of sight from anyone did lazy figure eights as it watched the multiple caravans moving the North Korean Hwasong-14 much to the surprise of the Americans watching, they were told these were in development, not already on launchers, ready fire in less than an hour if needed. Captain Johansson watching the missile moved picked up his phone, called Col. Thompson down, both looked at the missiles as they moved, the Colonel picked up the phone, called the Pentagon North Koreans section, asked for Major General Pickets, told him, “Hens out of the roost, they are on the move, also a new player, looks like they have the Hwasong-14 operational, we count six, Sierra, India, x-ray. All are under VR, will notify when any other movement is detected.”
Hanging up the phone, Major General Pickens turned to his full bird aid, “Better get ready for a long night, the North Koreans are moving assets, third call this hour, time to pull the rabbit out of the bag, notify 432nd, time to put the Avenger C to task, unknown to the world, the US had purchased 120 of these drones, they were now going to be sent up armed with hellfire 2 missiles, within striking distance of the North Korean missiles, flying right over the DMZ the time to get 20 miles behind the line was less than five minutes, well within the time frame needed to take out launchers before they could get their missiles off, even the solid fuel type.
As these were prepared to lift off bases in both Japan and South Korea 10 RQ-170 Sentinel’s headed towards the DMZ, it would keep an eye on troop movement and the thousands of hardened gun emplacements buried into sides of Mountains, all facing South Korea, many were directed at Seoul itself, a city of almost ten million people, this could turn out ugly in a hurry.
Next General Pickets picked up the red line; this was directed to the White House command center when the line on the other side picked up, he said two words, “Movement detected,” thus setting off the chain of events that would quickly have North Korean and the US facing off.
The reason was simple, President Trump had made it very clear, if North Korea started to take out their IRBM’s (Intermediate Range Ballistic Missiles) or ICBM’s (Intercontinental Ballistic missiles) either on the road or placed on pads (North Korea did have some silo’s, it was not shared with the rest of the world that the US knew of this), the US would take them out. North Korea just called his bluff, putting in motion a series of events that could potentially set off a conflict that could widen in a hurry.

Washington DC

Upon having been warned of North Korea’s move, President Trump told his secretary to quickly call the cabinet together, Chief Of Staff John F. Kelly walked into the White House, one of the advantages of retiring out of the Military was there still were connections, when the call was made to the White House, there was a second one to him with the same code words. President Trump raised an eyebrow wondering how he always knew when to come in, not one to play with words, COS John F. Kelly asked, “So what do we do now?” President Trump looked at him with great sadness, he knew what the order could entail, but one had to be true to their word, or as we experience with the administration before him, respect for that word and the might of the US was quickly lost, “Turn them loose, I told them what I would do, God save us all!” President Trump said, finishing up with a whisper.

“Sir, I agree, we did not ask for this, but you can threaten only so long us and our allies with nuclear weapons, sooner or later you will be called to task for it!” COS Kelly told him, then picking up a phone, said, “Operation Weasel is a go, I repeat, Operation Weasel is a go!”

Guam Air Force Bases

Guam was used to the roar of jet engines, they were after all host to a major naval and air force bases, but the sudden lift off of B52’s and B-1 and B-2 bombers, along with F-22’s and F-35’s, hundreds of jets filling the sky, more lifting off ever minute from the runways at Anderson Air Force Base, the people knew something was up, at the same time on the others side of the Island, many went scrambling to gather kids, make sure they had goods put aside in case they came under attack, all prayed the no missiles from North Korea would arrive, more specifically no nuke tipped missiles. During all this all communications in or out of the Island was jammed, phone lines cut, as well as the internet, it would stay that way until the attack was over.

Over at Apra Harbor in Naval ships were headed out to sea, others had sailors frantically gather at the ships and start boarding, the ships due to the threat of attack needed to get out of the harbor, if there were a nuke strike, they would be sitting ducks if still at port. Sailors that could not get to the ships on time would have to take a later launch or helicopter to the ship, then deal with the wrath that was going to rain down on them from their superior officers. 

Meanwhile over at Antonio B Won Pat International Air Port Naval and Airforce dependents were rushing to the airport, were set off in lines, as soon as a large jets landed, women and children loaded as the planes refueled with their engines still running, as soon as they had enough fuel they were disconnected and the fuel trucks moved on the next jet that was just pulling into its spot on the tarmac, people were offloaded, then loaded as quick as was possible.

North Korea

Without being seen, B-52’s outside of radar range sat outside of North Korea, loaded with AGM-158B JASSM(ER) on wing pylons, these stealthy cruise missiles, were able to cruise 600+ miles, all while undetected, the B-52’s quickly dropped their loads, then turned back to Guam for the long flight home. Follow behind them the B-1’s due to them being less observable were able to get closer to North Korea without being detected, they too were loaded with 24  AGM-158B JASSM(ER)‘s, they dropped their loads, then kicking in the afterburners got out of the area quickly, did not wish to chance running into a stray North Korea patrol, even though there were F22’s flying cover. 

Behind them came the B2’s came, large dark bat-winged in shape, pure black, so dark they seemed to absorb the light, at night they were impossible to detect with the naked eye, even harder to detect by other means such as radar or with inferred tracking, they had to get closer into shore due to they could only carry the AGM-158 JASSM‘s.  Due to their slower speed, they had left earlier even before the B-52’s, stayed on station and were topped off with fuel when the orders come in; each had to creep in 400 miles closer to drop their weapon loads. Looking at their displays they could see the progress of the of the JASSM(ER)‘s flying before them, the B-2 had no problem keeping up, F-22’s just refueled were able to follow the B-2‘s in, flying ahead to clear out any unlucky North Korean pilot who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. As the bombers approached their launch points, they suddenly picked up four MIG-29’s that pinged their scopes, the F-22’s notified them they were on their way, the F-35’s that had accompanied them were activating their jammers when the F-22’s launched missiles at the fighters so they could not notify anyone. It all went as they had practiced in countless games; the F-35’s were able to close in on the Fulcrum’s without them knowing due to their steal and inferred suppression built into their fighters, as soon as they saw the AAMRAM’s fired from 20 miles away, they activated their jamming, the Fulcrum’s knew something was up but were unable to see where. They had no time to pay attention to the jamming going off, their launch warnings were screaming in their heads, in less than 2 minutes, parts of what once was stately and beautiful fighters were headed towards the ocean in flames. Still, North Korea had no clue that they were under attack.

The first thing that was attacked was a surprise the Americans presented to the world for the first time, stealthy cruise missiles are known as  CHAMPS (counter-electronics high-power advanced microwave project) flew over command and control structures they did not attack right away, they set off a EMP Pulses that wiped out all electronics, thus shutting down the ability of the North Korean command to communicate with anyone, then when they were done each missile dove into the command centers to wipe out the leadership, for would not do well to have them walk to the next center and have them take over control because of old land lines, these are not able to be jammed.

While this was being done, another group of 8 CHAMPS configured cruise missiles set up a loitering pattern above known nuclear storage facilities, along with them were stealthy Northrop Grumman RQ-180  drones, another surprise for the world, unlike the other drones that could carry a couple of hellfire missiles, these were armed with 30 GBU-39 Small Diameter Bomb (SDB), they could have carried 78, but along with this was a laser that enabled the RQ-180 to not only protect itself from any air denial system, but was able to extend to the CHAMPS Missiles as well. 

While this was going on, two sets of 5 CHAMPS cruise missiles flew in formation over the small missile field that North Korea had in a valley in the middle of their nation, here were their strategic assets protected by missiles only a stealthy aircraft could stay away from.

Flying in over a mountain peak a CHAMPS missile flew over the command bunker, set off its EMP pulse, then turned, and crash dived into the structure, they knew this would give at least a lag for Kim to find out he was under attack and reestablish communication with his special weapons. The RQ-180 flew above the CHAMPS  watching for a missile silo to blow its top open, they knew this was the most vulnerable time for any long-range missile, they were set up as the lids worked together to work in unison, it did not take long for them to find out if these plans worked as hoped.

As soon as the CHAMPS had disabled the command center, the missiles were set up with a dead man’s switch, before the CHAMPS had even crashed into the command structure, a specially equipped B-2, which was configured for the co-pilot to take over command at the site, this was due to lag in communications time, and set the RQ-180‘s to follow the CHAMPS  and drop the GBU-39 down the hole while the system on the missile had to deal with the jamming. A cheer rose from the B-2 bomber as the last silo was destroyed, then hearing warning chimes going off, he saw 12 Missiles fire through the roof of a utility building that was set up exactly for this situation, Kim had just pulled his ace out of the hole, now the race was on to see if they could interdict the missiles. 

As this was happening the B2 noticed another utility building not far from the nearest CHAMPS missile, the missile due to artificial intelligence was already on the way there, as it approached, it noticed one missile getting shooting through the roof, the EMP from the CHAMPS hit it before it was able to quickly move past its effective range, the missile lost control and crashed in the field not far away, the RQ-180 loaded with the W-33 tactical nuke warning for all craft to exit, with multiple of these buildings there was no way to know which had missiles or not, soon the surprise was going to be blown. As the B-2 raced from the area, the cabin suddenly whited out, the secret of the attack was now for sure out of the bag, the nuke also protected the design of the secret drones used, for they now were part of the millions of pieces of particles rising in cloud that looked like a huge mushroom.

Due to the size of this after rewriting this, the size is making it necessary to split this up, I am hoping to do this in two parts, but it may end up as three.

This is a continuation of an article “China Building Refugee Camps for Millions on their Korean Border; Does China Know Something We Aren’t Being Told: (Click on cover photo to be taken to the article.)

China does very little without purpose when we see their moves throughout the world, very little is being done to stop North Korea, and now refugee camps are being built on their Korean Border, we should take notice.



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