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What Is It the Demonstrators Really Want?

What Is It the Demonstrators Really Want?

One of the advantages I have with working with journalism is that I get to enjoy conversations with people that not only support what I believe in and stand for but also get to hear from people who hate everything I think in, find my beliefs to their way of thinking, as very dangerous. It is this that I look at, I had some people inform me I had no clue what I was talking about, so I asked them, “What is it that you Demonstrators want?”

This question usually brings the typical talking points: police brutality and systemic racism, but you push for more, most of them have no clue what they want.

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Disbanding The Police

As a rule, I start with disbanding police, ask them if they think felons and criminals are going to respect that this is the time now to stop acting as they have in the past, when I ask, “If the police did not stop this type of behavior, how can having no police, no one experiences consequences stop this?” This seems to draw a blank; not one of the people has thought this out. Some may think that with good feelings, criminals will stop, but they, for the most part, are delusional.

For some odd reason, none of these people think this through, they are the first to call the police when they are assaulted, stolen from, someone is shot, but if this happens, who are they going to call, the local Black Lives Matter chapter?

Further, having blacks tell us that they can’t be arrested because of racism, what do these people think is going to happen? If you have a minority running around preying on the majority, how long before the majority says enough is enough and uses force to put down this type of nonsense?

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Seizing Areas Of Land, Declaring Sovereignty.

The most idiotic move we have seen are these demonstrators seizing part of Seattle, claiming that the area they have taken is their sovereign land, no cops are allowed in, and this is not only excused by the Democrat leader of Seattle, but it is by the governor as well. Can you imagine if this was tried in Texas or some other state control by a republican administration?

If a radical right-wing group, say the KKK or some other white supremacist group seized part of a city, do you think these Democrat governors or mayors would tolerate this?

They would send in the police, the state police, along with the national guard, seize back control by whatever means were necessary to re-establish their authority over the area, the perpetrators would be sitting in jail waiting for trials right now, but Seattle is seeing if these domestic terrorist are OK.

This is seen to be spreading, other protestors are threatening to do this in other cities, but it seems the governors and mayors, even Democrat ones are not so keen to give in to such a demand.

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Radical Players Using This Movement To Try To Seize Power

Much of what we have seen is the move by players like Black Lives Matter pushing their racist narrative, people that are giving in to this, bowing and scraping, acting like they had a hand in what was done hundreds of years ago.

I find this amazing, we are told that what blacks have done, and the Democrats over the last 79 years, that is fine, we are to forgive and understand that they are no longer this way, but then in the next breath not only blame us for what happened long before we, our parents, or our grandparents were born, we are to take responsibility for their actions, we are somehow guilty for the sins of people we have never met, only heard about, or in some cases see faded old photos of.

We are told the protesting is over the death of Floyd, that justice needs to be served, yet the officers involved were charged, they have been arrested, some are still in jail unable to post bail, yet this is not enough. So if justice is not really what the issue is, then what is it BLM is after?

I would venture to say they want to punish; this has nothing to do with justice; this is about seizing control and wreaking vengeance on the people they are angry with. BLM doesn’t care about justice; if they did, they would be in the streets daily marching over the tens of thousands of blacks killed by blacks. Instead, they only come out and march when it is a white and black crime; thus, they give away the lie they are pushing.

What we see is a movement to terrorize people, to create a tension between races. No one with a shred of common sense thinks that spewing racist garbage like “White Privilege,” forcing people to bow and apologize for racism, more so when they aren’t racist is going to improve racism, it most likely will increase it, drive people that for the most part are neutral, having this forced on them is going to push them towards racism not away from it.

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What Are Politicians Doing?

This is the biggest question, who is coordinating these riots, they are set up too much, and way to widespread for them to be a spontaneous event, so someone is behind this.

I think that before we try to get this under control, we need to find out who is calling shots and who is behind agitating these crowds. If a single entity or player controls this, we need to figure who or whom it is and move against them; otherwise, this will quickly spiral out of control.

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How Will This End

There are only three ways for this to end.

The first – we give in to the demands, give up everything we know about this nation, allow justice to be served for whites unfairly, for blacks to have one set of laws, whites another, in other words, apartheid put into practice, with whites suffering.

The second is that things go back to where they were, but we have to ask, is this even possible? We have a whole group of people who think they are victimized. A great example of this is Floyd, who, while there was no excuse for the extent the police went to, wouldn’t be dead if he had not resisted the police in the first place. It is like the rioting going on in Atlanta now, an African American male who attacks a cop trying to make an arrest, takes his taser, shoots at him, the cop shoots back with his gun, and now the city is in flames.

The last and the most frightening is this blows up into something much worse. People tiring of this start to arm themselves, this will be more probable if the protestors make true to their word and start striking the residential area’s. At this point things will quickly escalate out of control, you will have rioters coming into the suburbs, the people not willing to be put in danger will reply with deadly force, this then will escalate, as the rioters feeling they are once more being victimized will decide to grab what they can and start to fight back.

If things spiral down to this point, you will see race relations fall to the worst they have been since before the civil war. Communities will quickly square off due to race; people thinking they are supporting equality will soon find themselves in the crossfire. Segregation, something so hard-fought against to end, it will once more be instituted.

As battle lines get drawn, the African American community is going to find out how alone they are in this. Hispanics and Asian populations are very unlikely to side with this group; they will demand to be left out of the conflict, this will enrage the black community leaders who will see this as turning their back on them, you could find conflict as these groups fight to be kept out of the conflict.

I am not necessarily seeing either of these groups siding with the whites, more just a desire to be left alone. It is then that the black community will find out that when you make up only 13% of the population, it’s not a great idea to stir up 70% of the people, especially when they are very well-armed.

Personal Thoughts

In the conversations I have had with people involved with this, they always resort to typical liberal talking points, claim asking questions is based on nothing but deep-seated racism.

Had one individual tell me that sooner or later, I will kneel, was somewhat offended when I told him I will kneel willingly to the almighty, the only way to move me to kneel for anyone else will be to make sure I am dead, prop me up. He got angry when I told him I would take up arms before I allowed this to happen. If people wish to do this, that is on them, I am in no position to tell them who to or not to kneel to, but when people are forcing this, it is time to put an end to this one way or another.

We are looking at a minority creating this mess, about 30% of this nation sits on the left, of those only about 10 – 15% of this number are far to the radical left, AOC, Ilhan, and others fit in this mold, these are the ones creating and pushing this narrative now. Sadly it is the 85% to 90% of the left that is not saying anything at this point, most of them, while they are democrats, are like the majority of conservatives, let them live their lives, and leave them alone.

Where this becomes an issue is if they try to force this on the 36% of the members on the right, the conservatives, while slow to anger when they reach that point, will not be good for this group.

Also, around 34% of this nation sits in the middle; they have no affiliation to one side or the other, but pushing this radical agenda pushes the majority of them away from the left, which could have terrible ramifications come election time.

I had a couple of people tell me they wanted a revolution, said they were stupid, they are kids or ideologues that have never been in a firefight, have no clue how quickly things can go south. When you are fighting such conflict, you have to get the masses and the military or the government behind you, there is little or no chance of either happening, if they try this it will be a short and very bloody fight.

We need to ask, no, more demand that these agitators give publicly what they are demanding, to expose their lack of planning and how foreign to our ideology their goals are, if we don’t, there is only one way this is going to end, something we, as a nation, have not dealt with since 1861.

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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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