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WHITE PRIVILEGE? ‘Becky’ Explains Racism to Black Police Officers

WHITE PRIVILEGE? ‘Becky’ Explains Racism to Black Police Officers

I’m sure these African-American police officers appreciated Becky here explaining racism to them. You know, black lives matter and all that, except when those black lives are a part of the system Becky heard about in this video. She probably also saw a few #DefundThePolice TikToks (see #DEFUNDTHEPOLICE? HERE’S THE HORRIFYING WAY SCUMBAGS ARE PROTESTING COPS and THIS TEEN MAKES BEARS FOR CHILDREN OF FALLEN OFFICERS. NOW LIBERALS ARE SENDING DEATH THREATS.). Said to herself, “Like, I can totally go out and make a difference ‘n’ stuff!”

Imagine being so clueless at a protest for alleged racial justice and yelling this at people who look different from you in the name of racial justice.

Remember, Becky here is anti-racist and thinks that black lives matter. Just not, like, these black lives because they don’t know what black lives matter means, or why black lives should matter. Like Becky does. She’s super woke. WokeAF, even. Just with a stunning lack of self-awareness.

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