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Why Are There No Charges Of Sedition Against Obama?

Why Are There No Charges Of Sedition Against Obama?

I have been watching the news, have seen the lies this last president presented to this nation, the sedition his administration orchestrated against this current administration and I ask, “Why have there been no charges leveled against him?”

I have heard for almost three years now how President Trump has to be impeached, you hear the left go from one thing to another, yet none of them stick. Now they are saying they should do this for “other high Crimes and Misdemeanors,” but if you ask this about Obama, they scream we are talking about now, not old news, then for good measure throw the racist card at you.

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We have seen the findings of Mueller; there were no charges brought, we all know the claim that he could not have charged is not the truth, if he had found something, he and his team of Trump haters would have charged, and Trump would be in the middle of impeachment hearings now. The reason that he left things open the way he did was due to his disdain for Trump, nothing more.

But now the question needs to be investigated, who knew of this intent to remove Trump, and why is there not a special investigation into this? We see no special counsel appointed, this went all the way up to Obama, and trying to remove a sitting president is at best a conspiracy, at worse treason, and everyone involved, including Obama, should be tried to the full extent of the law.

The other day I asked someone this question, they told me if we found Obama guilty and brought him up on charges, the African American Community would riot and tear the cities apart, I told them I could care less, justice should not be deterred by threats of violence, if they want to do this, declare martial law, bring in the troops.

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What we see now, if our next president is a Democrat, if Trump had done something like this, we all know full well that he would be sitting either in a federal court by now or in some federal prison. The left would not care if guilt was not clearly defined, we see this now, only the perception of guilt, so why not apply the same criteria for charges against both Obama, his administration players having something to do with this, and against any sitting Senator or House member showing involvement?

Impeachment, the question must be asked, ”Can you impeach a former president?” The answer to this is yes, but the question remains, would it be better to bring formal charges and go through the courts. The one reason I think impeachment, if Obama or any of his administration, such as Biden, are found to be involved in this is to first stop any chance of them ever working in the government again, also to show the American people the full extent of the conspiracy.

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The left is screaming for justice; the problem is they are not showing any crime or injustice committed to bringing justice against. The only unjust action Trump has committed is he dared to become president, something the left thought was their birthright, how dare Trump steal this from them.

I am tired of this one way commitment for justice, we need to let it be known, if you continue down this path, then you will expose yourself to the same public scrutiny you are putting Trump under, I wonder, how many in the Senate, House or any other position in government can handle this same type of examination shined their way?

About The Author

Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.


  1. Tracy Common

    There are no charges because he did NOTHING seditious, unlike the current traitor.

    • user

      Hmm, seditious? Care to give examples of where Trump has done something seditious? Could it be trying to impeach members of congress, throwing fits because they were elected? No, wait, that was the Democrats.
      Was it because he spied on the Biden campaign, had the FBI plant spies? Nope, that was the Democrats under Obama who did this to Trump.
      I hear you, but it seems it is all talk, not a shred of evidence to back up your claims.


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